Sunday, April 27, 2008

SO much sewing STUFF!!!!

I'll start with what I got in the mail from ebay... 6 back issue Threads magazines and the Kwik Sew pattern for a mans jean jacket... cause of course the Bald Man wants a distressed jean jacket!!

Then... my Grand Mother sent me this shoe box full of vintage patterns that was from her pattern stash! And... yep they are my size!

Now, let me say thanks to my Mom for being on the lookout for fabulous sewing goodies for me when she hits the flea markets.
She hit the jackpot this weekend!!!

She got me these 2 Magic fit "kits" to the right. I have no ideal how to use them! They have french curves in them.. dart templates, pattern paper and instruction books...
They are so neat!!
To the left is a huge amount of back issue Machine Embroidery, Sews News and many other sewing magazines.
Now the magazines came for her stash... but she got all those cool vintage patterns you see at the flea market!! There are a few my size.. the others I would have to size up 1 or 2 sizes.

These 2 old sewing books to the left.... The Better Homes and Gardens Sewing Book and this cool Patternless Fashions book.
It has little patterns all through it with instructions on how to draft full scale patterns from them. Much like Mrs. Stylebook and other Japanese pattern magazines.
It was originally printed in 1966 in China... then revised and translated later in the U.S.
I'm hoping with this I can learn how to draft pattern like this so I can use pattern books from Japan that don't have full scale patterns... this is the hope I have anyways :)

Also... wonderful Mom got me about 12-14yrds of heavy duty denim!!!! Can you believe it!!!
And this awesome stretch poly fabric to the left... how retro is this??? I have no ideal what I'm going to do with it yet... its in really great shape... no dry rot or anything! I only have about a yd and half of it...

And this piece! You can't tell from the pic, but its sparkly! 4yds of this awesome sparkle zebra print,, and here and there throughout the piece you can make out a zebra face and red eyes!
What the heck am I going to do with this??? I'll think of something.. if anyone has any ideals let me know!

So I have a ton of sewing stuff to play with and learn from!!! I love it!


Alexandra said...

Wow, what a great loot! You made out like a bandit! I can't wait to see what you do with all of it.

Sheila said...

With all those fabulous goodies, I would lock myself in my craft room for a week if not more. Your Mom is a gem great finds at the flea market. Interested in seeing what becomes of the zebra fabric. Thanks for your advice on my daughters dress. I've decided to go with the same fashion fabric for the yoke and make a belt from the printed fabric.

Adrienne said...

You had a fantastic mail day!!!!!

Faye Lewis said...

Boy what a weekend haul!