Monday, April 14, 2008

Steps to the Perfect Designer Look Jeans

It was a process!!! From the 2 pair of cut up jeans you see on the left to what you see on the right.
Using a copied pattern from my RTW XOXO jeans and 2 pair of Goodwill jeans....
A pair of size 14 Tommy jeans have been cut to make the front and back of the new jeans. A pair of Rt. 66 were cut up to make the pockets, carriers, waist band and the yoke.

After all the pieces were cut out I used my embroidery machine to do the pockets and 2 matching but smaller designs on the front legs... then a few matching really small flowers here and there....
You can see at the top of the back pockets where the old pockets on the Tommie jeans were placed....
I made a contoured waist band this time instead of a straight waist band which I always have to place darts in to get it to fit.
I don't know if I made the contoured band right but it worked great!!!
I simply took the straight waist band and used the hinge method of fitting... which gave me a perfectly curved waist band.
This was much easier than all the ways I read to draft a contour waist band.
After all embroidery was done and all the fitting was done (honestly there's not to much fitting to be done when you make a pattern from something that already fits well)
Then place rivets and button... get the seam ripper and rip along a few edges and poke some holes here and there. So when washed they'll get that worn frayed look.... then get out the dish washing liquid!! Using dish washing liquid with bleach I smeared it up and down the jeans... waited about 45 minutes and washed.... bleach spots and frayed look in place....
Last thing to do.... get out my rhinestone setter and place some small rhinestones around the embroidery areas.

Yes! All done!!! Alot of work does go into distressed designer jeans. But paying $300 or more for jeans is not in the budget!!!
Next step is to tell husband after all this work a really nice dinner out is in order! Hey he can afford a nice dinner out since he didn't have to buy me these designer jeans!!!
Shirt I'm wearing is an Oscar da la Renta... very nice couture item I got at Rag-a-Rama in Atlanta for $14!!!!!
The necklace,,,, Vintage rhinestone necklace that belonged to my Grandmother. There's a great story behind it that makes it extra special!!!

The Bald Man! Wearing the most recent shirt I made him... looking sharp!!! Ready to take me out for a great Saturday night!


Cindy said...

Clever, clever girl. You look fantastic! I can tell you're lovin that emb. machine

Faye Lewis said...

Looking good! Can I send some of my jeans and have you refashion them? (lol)

Sheila said...

Great techniques to make fabulous jeans. Awww both of you look good. What book did you get the hinge method of fitting, which gave you a perfect curved waist band.

laura said...

Rag-a-rama? I love it! I would go nuts in a store like that. And I think you should share the story behind your necklace. I'm totally envious of your jeans. I've never in my life sewn a fly front zipper and I'm afraid to try. I'm down to like 2 pairs of jeans and maybe I should just go for it.

Jolly said...

Wow!! Looking great!! I think, It is a brilliant idea for giving a new look to your dresses!!