Tuesday, April 15, 2008

What I've been up too...

Today I got a job... I mean I have 'jobs' I sew and make costumes for other bellydancers.... I also bellydance at Mirage on some weekends. Lately I've not wanted to dance much down there though... its kinda boring ... after a year I'm pretty burned out.. It takes up my weekend nights!
When I want to go out with the Bald Man!!!

Anyways! Seeing as how I paid for, went to school for and took those crazy tests for my Esthetics's License, I thought maybe I should put it to use when I heard of a new salon opening up just minutes from my house.

So I'll be putting my license to use at Gentleman's Top Cuts... 2 days a week. We'll see how it goes...
Also today I finished up BWOF Top 111 from Nov. 07. It was totally easy! Its flattering and a good fit. I love the pleat/darts in the front! They're very 'shaping'

I almost have BWOF Top 134 from Nov. 99 finished... just gotta do the edges ... Its super hot! I love this top!!!
I'll post pics of both soon!!!

I also baked a loaf of Cheddar Bread in my bread machine using this fabulous recipe : Fabulous Cheddar Bread!!! It is now my son and Bald Man's favorite bread! Actually, as I've been blogging my son has already ate half the loaf!!!!

And I baked a Mocha Cheesecake!!! It TDF!!! Best Mocha Cheesecake I've ever made!
I make alot of cheese cakes... all different kinds. I love to bake so much! If I baked as much as I want to we'd all be a big as houses here!
So if you like cheese cake...

Mocha Cheese Cake

1 gram cracker crust or chocolate cookie crust (I use a reduced fat gram crust.. every little bit helps!)

2 ounces semi sweet chocolate chips
2 (8 ounce) packages cream cheese (again, reduced fat.. it makes me feel better about that 2nd piece!)
2 eggs
1/3 cup sugar
1 teaspoon instant coffee
1/3 cup espresso
1/4 teaspoon salt
2 Tbls of flour

Melt chips. Mix all ingredients until smooth. Bake at 350 about 45 min. till done in center...


Yesterday I went to a used book store here in town called McKays....

I hit the jackpot!

I got sewing books I've been wanting... OOP books and all! And on the cheap! I also got some fabric painting books and some cross stitch patterns/kits (.60!!) that I will use for my needle punch.

I had never heard of or seen this book before. Let me tell you its a gem!
All these fabulous designer/couture techniques straight from the designers!!!! 11 designers sharing... its a beautiful thing!

Uncomplicated instructions for the techniques, pictures.... Fabulous book.. I don't know why I've never heard of it before!!

Ofcourse I loved the special chapter on Calvin Klein giving tips and techniques on sewing jeans!!! Extra bonus for me!!!

Here are two books I have heard about and wanted! Sewing/Tailoring books by Adele P. Margolis. I've been so fascinated by the book above I've only looked through these briefly... so I don't know about them yet... I'm sure I'll get my moneys worth out of them though! $5! and $4.50! for vintage OOP sewing books! Whoo Hoo... I love a used book store as much as I love a thrift store!

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Mary said...

I gotta try the bread! And the cheesecake since you can't seem to get me a piece.