Friday, May 16, 2008

The Babylock Evolve is mine!

Yes!! The Bald Man got me my new serger Tuesday!!! Look at how BIG it is. The 8-thread really does freak me out and I can't wait to try it. I've been using it but just in a standard way. I am going to made some little vests and boleros to practice the awesome decorative stitches and coverstitches this thing can do.

You see before I really get into putting the Evolves special skills to use I have to finish up these jeans!! Imagine that... I'm making jeans!
But check these out.. I am making them using a pattern I copied from a pair of my rtw... which I have used before. They have patch pockets on the front... which I really do favor. I think they are very slimming and eliminate the bulk of traditional jeans pockets. These jeans also have another unique detail. They have no yoke. So I call them trouser jeans. I have added another detail of the black and white zebra trim and yes, it sparkles! Its from the fabric my Mom got at that yard sale a few weeks ago.
The denim is 98% cotton and 2% Lycra from I swear its got way more Lycra that 2% though! Its super stretchy, which I don't like! Mainly because such stretchy denims lose there shape so fast and give the "saggy butt" syndrome.
Hopefully I have found the answer to this problem. More on that in the finished product post!!
I am thinking they will be done Saturday.

Ahhhh, yet another fabulous meal. Crab cakes with chipolte dressing....
This was a team effort. Bald Man did the crab cakes I did the dressing.
The crab cake recipe is in this months Cooking Light and its low fat!
The dressing is 2 Tofu Chipolte dressing recipes I found on the internet and morphed together.
Thats right... no mayo.. silken tofu! If you've not tried silken tofu in some recipes, give it a try. Its really amazing stuff... it saves tons of fat and adds proteins. Just make sure to buy organic!!
There have been some issues raised over the years about eating soy. Here's an article I found that seems to cover every issue that has been raised!
I will never understand why scientists test on mice and rats and then determine that humans will have the same results. I really don't see the resemblance between humans and mice!
But I may have seen the resemblance between a few humans and rats in my life.


Adrienne said...

Woo hoo!! Enjoy your new toy!

PCD (Pretty Circle Drawer) said...

wow! another sewing phenom...thats so awesome! your clothes sooooo look like they were bought at the store. i could never do that.

Sheila said...

Congrats!!! Looking forward to your fabulous projects. I like the zebra print on the jeans.

Cennetta said...

Sweet! That one fantastic looking toy, I mean machine. Enjoy!