Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Its all in the Details!

These are my Hot Kiss rtw jeans... I copied a pattern from them last week. I really like these and have wanted more jeans without a waist band like this but haven't been able to find any...
so I'll make my own... ahhh!
The joys of copying RTW!

I started work on them this morning and this is what I have done so far.... Aren't the pockets cute??? I got the ideal for doing the pockets like this from a pair of Japanese jeans that were for sale on ebay... (the buy it now price was $49,000 for those jeans!!! Crazy!!!!)

I still have to do the rivets.

For a design change I double top stitched down each side seam instead of the inseam. I also put the coin pocket on the left instead of the right.
Thats the beautiful thing about making jeans... there are so many design changes you can make very easily to give them a unique designer look.

I haven't put my jeans button on yet either... Check the Allen B's on the right...
I am going to do it like this...with a loop closure...
different and cute!
The back pockets will be a medium spade shape pocket. I also plan to put a flap over the top of the pocket. Because we all know a flap on top of your jeans back pockets will make the booty look higher and more shapely!
The flap will be made from the stripe fabric I used on the front pockets and will have jean buttons on them.
For some reason I don't get in a hurry to make jeans like I do tops, purses or anything else! I really enjoy the process of creating the jeans.... picking out the details.... design changes.
Hopefully I'll finish these up tomorrow... then I can decide if I will distress them any, put embroidery on them or maybe use felted embellishments ... oh! the possibilities!
****************Also from the sewing room****************
The vintage Retro shirt is done! Pics will be posted soon!
I also have to take up the Bald Mans shirt! And add stuff to the costumes Rachel bought from me last week.... I know I should have done these things first... but the jeans were calling to me!!!
*come make me fabulous Angie.. you know you don't have any jeans to wear this weekend!!!!*
Now how could I resist? lol!


Cheryl said...

You never fail to amaze me!

LauraLo said...

The pockets look great and you're really good with topstitching. Can't wait to see them finished! You'll soon have a closet full of jeans.

Rach said...

Pics are not coming thru' on my pc :( Sad now... I mean jeans that can talk must be worth the see!!

laura said...

That stripe accent is great and to add it on the pocket flap is going to be a nice touch. I swear when I get settled I'm going to work on trying to make a pair of jeans for myself.