Friday, May 9, 2008

New Machine???? Should I???

Ok! I want the BabyLock Evolve serger... which to me is the 'king' of all sergers!!! I love my BabyLock Imagine serger. Its been so awesome!!! But it doesn't do ALL the extra stitches the Evolve does... When I took the class with Margaret Tully back in Feb. I got to sew on one. It looks pretty intimidating... its bigger that a regular serger and it has up to 8 threads! Talk about some decorative stitching!
It does that cool cover stitch that would look amazing on jeans... hmmmm.... and that Triple stitch.. also, would look hot on jeans and so much other stuff!. ... Yeah, I need this machine.

All About Sewing is where I have bought my Imagine... my Pfaff embroidery machine, Pfaff sewing machine and my Pfaff felting machine and its where I will be buying the Evolve....I guess you could say, I really like dealing with them!!! If you're in the Knoxville area you are crazy not to deal with this sewing shop!!! Top of the line machines, super friendly and they are SOOO helpful. These are the reasons I am not afraid to buy such a complicated looking machine!
Bald Man told me I could go ahead and do the deal!!! YAY!!!!
My "hot kiss copy" jeans are done!! And they yeah... they rock! I'll be wearing them out tonight!!!
Today I have been working on Mom's Mother's Day present. I would like to post a pic of what I have done so far but she checks my blog and it'll ruin the surprise!! Its very... different.... and I know she doesn't have anything like it! and ofcourse its made by me!
Everyone knows handmade presents are the best.
Unless, ofcourse, the Bald Man is buying me more and/or better sewing equipment... or plastic surgery. These things are not handmade but they are "top presents" in my book!!
**I'm just saying!!!! Right Bald Man???** ;)
Here to the right are my poor poodle babies after a stressful day at the groomers. I had to get them shaved. I am terrible at remembering to brush them so after awhile they start getting 'dreads'
Oh well... its summer now and all that hair was making them pretty miserable when we go outside.... they're still cute!!! They're just extra tiny looking without their long hair!


Cindy said...

You SHOULD! What a sweetie Bald Man is! BTW, you've been tagged.

Bald Man said...

Lets see.....
1. You get 100% value on your trade
2.You get a new machine without 1 years wear and tear on it
3. You get a new 1 year labor warranty
4. We can afford it
5. It makes you happy...

Happy Mothers Day ....Oh and dont worry the money isnt coming out of the "plastic surgery fund"

Your "Bald Man"

Faye Lewis said...

I know right? I'm thinking about buying a cover stitch machine. Do you have one of those too? I want the Brother, but found out it cost $650 - so I won't be getting that. Found out the Janome costs like $250 much better price wise. You are so blessed to have the bald man backing you?

Cheryl said...

Hey, beautiful! Do you think it would be possible to clone the Bald Man!?!?! His blog has me in stitches everytime I read it!

Seriously, though, we need to talk by phone. I need advice on a new man I met.

Please send me your email. Mine is:


Sheila said...

Wow! you have a sewing machine collection. Your pooches look so cute.