Saturday, May 17, 2008

Side Tracked!

I got really side tracked from my jeans Friday. This cute knitting machine I won from ebay came in the mail.

Its much like the Barbie Knit Magic knitting machine from Mattel made in 1974. This is like the knock-off version I think.

It quickly knits little tubes... to make Barbie clothes. How cute is that!

I don't want to make Barbie clothes... but I have found a number of projects using this for 'grown folk'!

I was on ebay looking at knitting machines when I found it. You see, I love yarn!!! I love knit and crochet items!! But I don't like to knit or crochet. I have learned the basics and can knit and crochet some ... but it takes FOREVER!!! Its not a process I enjoy. I know, I know... many knitters think knitting machines are cheating... but I don't care! I want soft yarn clothing items made by me that don't take SO long!

See how the little tube comes out... I can't get over how nice and tight the stitches are! Not one skipped stitch!

In less than an hour I had a cute soft pair of ankle socks!!

Stop laughing at me hand knitters!!!

I plan to make some fuzzy arm warmers, lots of scarves, belts and more socks!!!

I also found a projects to make something called Granny Circles with the machine.. endless possibilities there!!


Michelle said...

I hand knit and i'm not laughing,whatever works right.I love the anklets!!
I'm working on hubby to get a serger(brother 1034d )from ebay for me:0

Bald Man said...

Oh lover...There is something special about a woman who truly gets as much joy from a "Barbie Knitting machine" as she gets from a mondo Baby Lock Surger...

Enjoy Baby...Enjoy

Rach said...

Knitting... you found another thing I don't enjoy! At Christmas I started a blanket for Anna to replace the one from her Grandmama that's all but shredded... I'm about 6 rows past the border... drudgery! Machine, that's the way to go!!!

Anonymous said...

You never cease to amaze me. Again, I'm hating...

PCD (Pretty Circle Drawer) said...

i LOVE funky socks! the more different looking, the better!!!