Thursday, May 22, 2008

Zebra Jeans!

The "Zebra Jeans" ! I actually finished these last weekend. I am just now getting around to posting them.
Anyways... I used a 8 oz. stretch denim from
I'm not thrilled with the quality and think the denim will loose shape... which we all know happens with poor quality stretch denim... and honestly some higher stuff too.
I took some extra care in making these stretch jeans, and hopefully it will safe guard against... saggy butt jeans... saggy crotch and stretched out waist jeans.
After getting the crotch and back fitted the way I want I took hem tape and sewed it down to the front and back seams... I think I remember getting the tip from the Zapp Method book.
Then I sewed the hem tape down around the waist band too.
Here's to hoping they stay in shape... cause they're really cute and took along time to make!

Check out my side detail... cute, cute!!! The pattern from these jeans were copied from a pair of my RTW.
On the rtw pair there is a leather strip down the side.
No yoke and they have patch pockets... which I've said many times I love!!
The back pockets were copied from a different pair of rtw.
And I trimmed one pocket and appliqued the other.. and used my new sergers chain stitch with a 2 thread overlock narrow using a thick white rayon thread for trimming the pockets.

I wore this out Saturday night... I actually made this outfit last Oct. before I was blogging.
The bolero was from a Mccalls pattern... the pants were BWOF. The shirt is rtw... and I love it and plan to copy it before I completely wear it out!

Here is my little couch needle punch/knitting corner... my dogs like to hang out with me while I work on stuff . You see the routine has been disturbed though... Prada has decided she is tired of staying upstairs... poodles or not!
So here she is stalking the poodles, determined to show them who's boss and that she also rules the down stairs...
And now she does... the poodles what no part of the hissing, arching Prada... once they realized she is in charge.. they get along fairly well now.

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Michelle said...

i just love the finishes on the zebra jeans!great job.I'm working on hubby for a serger LOL.