Monday, June 30, 2008

Belly Dance Superstar!

Isn't she lovely??? Esp. since she's wearing the costume I made! Actually its Sonja that makes the costume look beautiful.

Now I need pictures of the other costume I made during the 2 1/2 day costume crunch! Rach!!!


Rach said...

Yeah, she's lovely -- and the costume is awesome!
Nancy came Sat and I gave her my camera and instructions to take pics of the new costume. She took one photo -- full thumb view lol... so I'll have to have my hubby take pics but he's on OT this week (which is good 'cuz we could use the cash) so it may be a few days...

Anonymous said...

Angie, that is too sweet. It's your costume that makes ME look lovely!! And, your friendship & Rach's friendship that gives me that happy glow (oh wait..that might be the sweat....... ;-p )

Love you!