Saturday, June 14, 2008

Bellydancing Again!

So I decided I would go back to the Cairo Cafe and dance for a couple nights a month... why? The number 1 reason... The Bald Man missed it (he's such a social butterfly! ha!)... number 2 reason... for extra fabric money ofcourse!!!!

Seriously I've missed the some of the people there too.
Here to the left is my hand beaded beauty I made last year when I was laid up after having my tummy tuck... all hand beaded! It took months to finish!!!
The purple skirt and gauntlets took about 20 minutes... made last night about 7:30!

Here's my all new costume!!! Made in the 'new' bellydance style.... inspired by dancers like Dina.. and designers like Sahar.... The Kiss Kiss costume!!!

I need a better pic of this! I'll get one next weekend.

All in all it was a nice night... very slow night... but nice. Rach, Nancy and Stan came by to hang out... its always good to see them!
Stan gave me a great compliment... he said I was a "fun dancer"
and I said... what I always say.... "if you're not having fun, you're not doing it right."
I guess I'm doing it right!


Cindy said...

Looking good! Glad you're back at it.

Alexandra said...

You hand-beaded it? Wow! That's some patience. It looks great.

Rach said...

You were great!! -- I know cuz I could see you... LUUUVVVED Kiss Kiss, seriously!!! See ya Wed...

Cheryl said...


Cennetta said...

You look fabulous!