Monday, June 9, 2008

A Great Weekend!

The Bald Man and I had a fantastic weekend! Friday we just kinda hung around the house.. watched a movie. Saturday was 'going out' night! We went couple of places and then ended up at the Mirage. Its been awhile since I've been there but we told Rach we would come see her dance.

Here she is to the right in a bra and belt I made which looks great on her!!

I hate to say it but I really don't like watching bellydancers after all the years of dancing myself and watching them. I find it boring... unless the dancer has what I call the "it" factor.

Let me tell ya! Rach has the "it" factor! She sparkles and grows when she dances.
Most people can learn to dance... but not everyone shines when they do it.
I'll be back to see Rach dance again!

Below we have a pic of Capt. Bald Man! Yesterday we took one of the boats out for a joy ride on Lake Loudon. We had fun... and some surprises along the way!!

It was a beautiful day to be on the lake!!!
Next Sunday afternoon we might have to try it again!
So I was all finished with my new 5/08 BWOF shirt... put it on with the little white lace shrug I made... realized it didn't go 'right' with ANY of my pants.... crazy!
I need a pair of pants that are low rise with no details at the top.... good thing I have a pattern like that!!!
But today... I'm working on boring other peoples sewing..... oh well... more money for my fabric stash! lol!!

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Rach said...

Oh, I'll bet the lake was fabulous yesterday! Gotta tell you I'm a little worried that you could be mistaking that 'glisten' of sweat for 'it' lol! It really is one beautiful costume -- thank you again!!!