Friday, June 6, 2008

In the swing of things!

Well I'm back into the swing of things! Our two long weekend trips in a row got me knocked out of my mo-jo! The few days I had home between the trips I had to hurry and make 2 skirts for some bellydancers here in town... and now I have 4 skirts for another group of bellydancers that have to be done by Wed..... but I don't want to talk about work... I'm quite backed up!!!

But back and in the swing of things finally! This week I have made some really good raw meals, so I'm getting into the swing of that too! I have seriously ate so much... including lots of nuts and wonderful things like baby coconuts and avocados... and lost 2 lbs... I'm looking much more 'lean'.
More about that of my "health site"

Lets talk FABRIC!
This first set of fabrics came from my mom.... she was cleaning out her fabric closet obviously!
Left to right.. first, some beautiful white stretch lace (some of it became a cute shrug today!) and a crepe back satin... then some beautiful lavender linen.. and finally some all red brocade (you can't really see its a brocade in the pic though) and a cute cotton polka dot!
Mom should closet clean more ofter!

To the left here... from Atlanta! Good denim!!! Yes!!! This stuff is excellent quality! The piece on the far left is kinda coffee stained, the middle piece is sparkly and the last piece is puzzle looking. I only got the last piece because the Bald Man thought it would be awesome if I used it as pockets and accents on a pair of jeans... and I think he's right!
I also got a heavenly piece of Grey denim!!!! But its being washed right now!

And from Boston! I bought this great wool blend stripe with a satiny finish... and some snake skin vinyl!!! Whoo hoo!!! It'll make the cutest purse!

And here, the a gorgeous tie dye type stretch jersey... I'm thinking a long simple sexy summer wrap skirt....
And a black and white knit for a long cardigan.

Oh yeah... And some of the coolest yarns! Since I can only knit scarves, arm warmers and socks with my barbie knitting machine (heehee!) I thought they should be made from yarns that... well... make a statement!

I do plan to get a 'real' knitting machine though!

BTW, I made a shirt yesterday from BWOF May issue,... going to wear it tomorrow night with the shrug I made today....
Now that I'm 'back' I should be able to update my blog more often again!


Faye Lewis said...

You've got some pretty nice fabrics there.

Sheila said...

That is some fabric