Wednesday, June 18, 2008

I've been sewing, I promise!!!!

I've been sewing! I really have!!! I just keep forgetting to have Bald Man take pictures....
last week I made 3 shirts and a pair of capris...this Monday I made another pair of capris!
To the right and left are the Burda capris I made last week!

The lovely black lace accents up top are really placed there because I had the iron to high and scorched my fabric!!

But I like the lace.. so it was a good mistake!

Today I made the Bald Man an awesome shirt! I can't wait for him to try it on!!!!

While running around the other day doing boring things I decided it'd be best if I treated myself with a trip to Jo anns to get some new patterns.... So here to the left is what I got. I got the New Look patterns because Sheila over at has been sewing up a storm and making some wonderful things with NL patterns! Wonderful things made quickly! Now thats what I'm talking about for summer sewing!

I got the cute Burda patterns because the capris I made were Burda Young fashion... and straight out of the envelope, no alterations needed... they fit! So I thought I would try my luck with a couple of other Burda Young patterns and see what happens...

And I scored some cheap sewing and herb gardening books at the local used books store!!! YAY!

Above are the capris I made Monday.... and Look!!!!! I made a welt pocket!!!!! I had a sewing lesson with local sewing sensation Judy Web and she showed me how to do one!!! No more avoiding patterns with welt pockets.. thanks to Judy!

I would love more lessons! But I've decided to wait til this fall since I'm about to be obsessed with the new garden Bald Man is having put in our back yard!

Inside of all my pants now have a strong ribbon on the waist bands and crotch curves... helps keep pants from getting saggy butt syndrome!


Faye Lewis said...

Nice touch with the lace, I wouldn't have thought of that one. Congrats on the welt pocket. Learning to do one is one of my sewing goals for 2008 - I'd better hurry up huh.

Sew Wilde said...

Cute capris! Could you do a tut on the ribbon technique?

Cennetta said...

How cute! You are so creative. I love the personal touch.