Friday, July 25, 2008

Bellydancing Last Friday... catching up....

It was a great night... Sam and The Bald Man both got some awesome shots of me... which is very good because I really need to update my web site since I've changed my "look" yet again!

The best part of last Friday was the very wonderful Arabic people from Chattanooga came to see me!!!

And! They brought me back gifts from their recent trip to Morocco!!!!!

Check me out above and to the left in the awesome Galabaya (pretty sure I spelled this wrong!) from Morocco! I love it... beautiful embroidery... and the fabric is a soft silk! I think it is silk..

These are really super wonderful people and I do feel honored that they thought of me on their trip.

They also brought me back a DVD of Moroccan music and dance!!

Some people are SO sweet!!!


Sheila said...

What a lovely garment you received from your Arabic friends... that was so sweet of them.

Great photos and looking forward to what you will make with the fabric you received.

The dress and handbag came out great... I agree New Look patterns are the best.

Alexandra said...

Great pictures! And what a lovely gift!

Cennetta said...

Atlanta is the place to go! I hope to visit there soon. You've made some very nice pieces and the belly dancing photos are great!