Monday, July 7, 2008

Gardens, Costumes and a sad swap

Lovely, beautiful... ahhh, yes... my garden is finally done!!!! After much drama with landscapers... I have a gorgeous garden!!!

And below, all sweaty and dirtier than I've ever seen him, is the wonderful Bald Man who thought up the landscape plan... dealt with the hateful "I'm retiring in 2 weeks!" landscaper...
and he even put in a soaker hose watering system!

Yep, I sure do love my man!

Wasn't it nice of the landscaper to leave ALL this compost all over my back yard... a pile of it! What a mess!
But, Bald Man is shoveling it up so Brian can put it on the little garden spot up front and so I can use it for more garden projects I have in mind!
So its all good!!

Here's a not so happy moment... remember on
how much fun I had when I received my swap??? Jackie went through so much trouble to make sure I had things I would like...
the black poodle beanie baby (y'all know I love my poodle babies)
sparkly rhinestones I can use for costumes, a pack of pins (cause you know I sew, right?) You get the point... she did good...
This swap to the right here was so disappointing... 2 cards, some non- sparkly black beads, a couple of pieces of cut plain ribbon....
I see now why so many people have complained about stuff they receive.... this was a very sad little swap indeed!

But now back to happy times.... Here's me this last weekend at Mirage in a costume I made last year.

Also this last weekend...
me and drummer Tony! We had fun!!
I'm wearing the "Kiss Kiss" costume I made a couple weeks ago... Love it!

Now check this hot lady out, its Rach!... the costume to the left is one I made some time ago and sold to her yesterday! I like it on her better than me! You've heard No one looks better in green than a red head, right? Just look! Its true!

And ofcourse to the left is her mini skirt costume I made during the costume crunch! I LOVE IT!
She was sweet enough to give me the left over polka dot fabric too!
Yay!!! Cause I can never have to much fabric... and polka dots are so fun!


Cennetta said...

Aren't you the envy about town. The garden looks great.

laura said...

You must not have enough to do, and I don't think there's anything the Bald Man won't do for you!

Rach said...

The garden is beautiful! I might be persuaded to share a kale seedling or two... they are growing albeit slowly (they like cooler climates so produce best in spring & fall when the days are warm but the evenings chilly.) Thank you for the compliment! Too sweet you are! The new costume is my new fave btw!

Sheila said...

I agree your garden is to be envied. Great outfits.

Thank you for the lovely compliment. The pattern for the most part is easy and I think the style is perfect for supplementing for a jean jacket.