Saturday, July 26, 2008

In ATL!!!!!! What I wore and the Fabric haul!

First! Clothes I made and wore in ATL!

I actually made this skirt I'm wearing last fall from a BWOF... and no I don't remember which one and yep, I'm to lazy to go look! lol! The top I made last week from a BWOF too.. I've made this simple T shirt 4 times now.. Love it!

To the right... I love the skirt! Its a BWOF wrap skirt. I got the fabric up in Boston... The t is from the same BWOF pattern as the one above... I am not loving the black t with this skirt and I'm going to have to make something else to go with it.

The bolero is a Burda pattern, the fabric is from Miami. I added serger crochet to the sleeves and I'm loving it!

Gotta make a different shirt though....

Divan is the place to be in ATL on Sunday night... as you can see from these 2 pics!

There's nothing quite like hanging out and all of a sudden someone breaks out into drum beats..
Now thats entertainment!!!! And it sounded SO good! Atlanta always amazes me.... and makes me happy!

Here we are below at fabulous Divan... where the food is divine, the people are beautiful, the music exotic and the hookah is unbelievably good!!!! If we lived in ATL we would be there every week!!!

Now for the FABRIC!!!! Most sewing enthusiasts in the south know about Gail K's in ATL.... its wonderful! Anything you need is there.. and most of what you want!

The fabric to the left was not purchased at Gails.. its for a bellydance costume for Rach... the beautiful bronze appliques were purchased at Gails! They have an awesome selection of appliques there!!! This is going to be a very striking costume on my red headed friend!

This was purchased at Gails... and also not for me... for Sonya's costume.... a gorgeous, very unique animal print... Which will
be awesome on her!

Should she change her mind it would make a lovely wrap dress for me!

I love this piece!!! Sonya's a little bitty thing.. maybe there will be enough left over for a bolero atlest!!

The fabric here is a great cotton, with a hint of lycra and the feel of suede!

I'm thinking capris... or maybe a jacket with a zipper...

we'll see!!!

A beautiful fabric here!!!! Transparent animal print with little ribbons all over!!! Silky feel and slight stretch.

yep... long full skirt!

Love , love , love this fabric! It doesn't look like much in the pic but really... its great!

Cotton stretch, light weight with worn little holes all in it!!!

I'm thinking corset top??????

I also bought a tan/golden lycra brocade for a possible fitted vest...and a silver/grey stretch velvet that has a snake skin pattern in black all over ... and it will make a sexy figure hugging

I do LOVE Gail K's.... and Atl......


mitch1066 said...

serger crochet?
I'm new to serging...please explain:)

Angelia said...

I going to do some serger crochet on the skirt I'm starting this week and I'll take up close pics for you to see.

Its basicly useing a yarn thread or a heavy wt. embroidery thread in the loopers... and sewing on top of the layers.. and I am so sorry I can't explain it worth a crap!
The pics I take will explain much better!

Alexandra said...

I love that first outfit! Initially I thought it was a dress. Very pretty!

Faye Lewis said...

Great fabric haul. Love the animal print - it is a knit right?