Friday, July 25, 2008

Time, time... who's got the time?

I seriously have so many pictures to post since last time I blogged!
I have made several tops/dresses... I bellydanced at the restaurant.... I went to ATL....
Tons of photos!!!!!
I will post soon... I asked The Bald Man yesterday... "what has happened to all my time?" I swear it seems like I have none! Sewing, food preparation/preserving, gardening, my son, bellydancing, yoga, Bald Man... yep... these things take time.

But here's a punch needle I did a while back and forgot to post... I have no ideal what I will do with it .. much like all my other punch needle projects. I love to do'em though....

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mitch1066 said...

yep computers were supposed to mean we'd have all this free time and yet theres still not enough.