Tuesday, July 29, 2008

What I'm working on in the sewing room

A visit to Goodwill a couple of weeks scored me these OOP patterns here to the left for .20 cents!
The vogue pattern is what I've been working on...

This has consumed my sewing time...

I have never made a "suit" type outfit. This isn't really a suit.. but its about as "suit" as your going to see me in!

With my adjustments and embellishments I'm actually making it more cocktail style.
The top is slightly structured and semi fitted.

The skirt is a calf length with a large flare ... which I have lengthened to the floor, making it a mermaid style skirt . I also added a slit up the side to the lower part of the thigh. It will have lace embroidery going up the slit and on a side back skirt panel.
I also plan to place some small gunmetal gray crystals along the embroidery.

I have added rows of top stitching to the collar with matching blue/grey embroidery thread.

I am making this for the formal dinner I have to attend with the Bald Man at one of the boat dealer meetings... which are hideously boring but at lest I can be happy about my outfit! Right!

You know I think I'm caught up on blogging!!! I'm not a slacker anymore!

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