Thursday, August 28, 2008

I have Range

I know its hard to see on this red mannequin... but here is the progress of the Rhythm/Salsa dress I am making for a competition dancer here in town.... I have a ways to go on the top and I have to completely cover it in crystals! Its going to be gorgeous on her!!!
This is the first time I've made a dress like this!! Its very exciting to me...
I go this fabric at the wonderful Gail K's. The Lycra fabric was pretty reasonable at $12 a yard... but the netting I'm using was $20 a yard!! Thank Goodness I didn't have to use to much of it to get the effect I wanted.

And I can't wait for Rach to put her bellydance costume on that I made her last week!!!! I want to post it so bad!

Punch Needle!
Yes, I love to punch needle lots of little designs and I never have any clue what I will do with them!
Here's what I'm currently working on.... and here is my new punch needle toy!!!
Its seriously cutting my time in half because I don't have to keep putting new thread in the needle... as you can see this contraption has bobbins of embroidery thread being fed down into the needle. I love it... It was $30 a JoAnn's for 4 punch needles, 2 threaders, the bobbin thingy, a cute carrying case and all the bobbins and their case! Plus I used my 40% off coupon from the paper... I love a deal! And when I get a deal I love to tell people about what a good deal I got! lol!

Weird Obsession
In the mail yesterday I get another Barbie Knitting Machine!!! Yay! I love these things!!! I also found this awesome vintage book on projects for the Barbie knitting machine.
I already have one... but it only knits the tubes... this one knits tubes AND panels!!

Today in the mail I got my Kenner Knitting machine from 1963... I'll post it as soon as I get it all set up!
Why do I love little kids vintage knitting machines????

Just a peek from my garden... I just love it! But it has taken time away from sewing... its worth it though!!!

Monday, August 25, 2008

I'm here, Blog land!!!

Sooooo busy!!!!! In between trips, getting my son back into school, taking care of the Bald Man and sewing... but not sewing for me!!! (all sewing lately has been design/costuming work... beautiful pics coming soon!)
I haven't had much time to blog!!!

To the left is one last pic I want to post from the FL trip.... This view from outside our window, with a rainbow!!!
How beautiful!!!!
I know rainbows are a sign of God's promise but they always make me think... wow! there is so much beauty in this world!!!

The Atlanta trip was fun! As always!!!! Here I am at Gail K's... where else! I was on a mission for some hot orange fabric for a rhythm/salsa dance dress I have been hired to make.
I am very excited about this dress... new challenges! I am so up for it!!!!
I made the skirt for it today.... its gonna be hot hot hot!!!!

In other sewing/costuming news I finished a bellydance costume last week for the lovely Rach .

And I finished a handbag today for my swap with Lory !!!

No pics of these things yet... Bald Man has the camera!

Here is a pic of The Bald Man and me on top of the Georgia Terrace Hotel in ATL!

Up there with the smog! Yuk! but the view was nice!

I've also belly danced/worked at the restaurant a few times and have updated the ... along with Sonja and Rach..

and updated my 'health' blog
'Raw Update'
Since the "raw food" lifestyle change, 3 months ago, The Bald Man has lost 22 lbs!!!! And I've lost 7... without even dieting... just eating 80% to 90% raw!

See! I'm catching up!!!!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Felted Swap and the Coconut Story

Well, my swap partner from the recycled hand bag swap received her Felted Handbag I made her... and I think she loved it because she gave me a 5 and a heart!!! yay!!!

To the left it the sunglasses case I made to go in it.... made from a childs sweater (I felted it) and on old trench coat button

To the right is the hand bag... made from an old sweater (felted), trench coat button and its lined with an old shirt...
the pocket if from the scraps of another old shirt...

This was a simple bag to make and ofcourse very low cost because everything was recycled!!
I want one for myself now!!!


You see, I love baby coconuts... I eat about 3 a week! While the Bald Man and I were in FL I couldn't help but notice all these baby coconuts on the palm trees everywhere!!!
It had been 4 days since I had a coconut.... my month was seriously beginning to water when I would see them...
Now Bald Man could see I was getting excited every time we passed a tree full... especially if it was a tree that wasn't in any ones yard... to me... it was fair game then!
So we pulled over on the side of the road at the beach on Sanibel Island... a very low tree by the road had about 3 baby coconuts hanging from it... and if Bald Man stood on a nearby rock he could reach them!!!!

So he did... the site of him on the side of the road.. balancing on a rock , reaching for coconuts was to much... I meant to take a pic but I was laughing so hard... I lost it! Just thinking about it makes me crack up all over again!!

Anyways, he pulled down 3 babies... walking all proudly back to the car... he gets in.. I have tears in my eyes from laughing so hard... he hands me the baby coconuts... I smile,,, squeal with happiness..... and just as I reach out for them I see hundreds of ants everywhere on the coconuts and the branch their still attached too...

I immediately start screaming "get it out of here! get it out of here... theres ants on it!!!!"
Bald Man looks down and scrambles to open the car door and throw them out!!

I am loosing it and laughing again while frantically checking all around me to make sure there are no ants on me!!

We laughed all the way back to the hotel... and I didn't even bother to look up at the baby coconuts anymore.....

Poor Bald Man... all that trouble... and all he got was alot of hysterical laughter!!! And I still had
no baby coconut.....

We're home now and yes.... I have had a coconut... straight from the Health food store!!! As nature intended!!

I'm proud of the Bald Man though.... he always tries to make me happy!!!

Here he is 21 lbs thinner than he was 3 months ago... thanks to going RAW !
Even though this trip was business it was fun.
Also I found a cool little craft/sewing store on Sanibel Island! I'll show pics of my 'goodies' in the next post.....
On the way home we stayed a couple of days in ATL where I had to go to Gail K's... half for business... half... just because... so I'll show my finds from there too!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Chaparral Boat Dealer Meeting

Yes, down in sunny (hot!!!) FL for Bald Man's annual Chaparral dealer meeting.

And... well... its boring! Good things about it though... the hotel is beautiful and we have a great view! I get to Internet shop and the Bald Man doesn't say anything about it... because you know, I have nothing else to do when he's in meetings! Not that he says much.. but sometimes I do get a little carried away on Ebay!!

Also we got to ride in Chaparral's new 40 ft yacht... which was super nice!!! The boat pic above is one of their smaller models but its still sharp... they really do make the most beautiful boats.

The pic of us above is the first night here.. we cleared out early from dinner because there was nothing I would eat... not even salad!!! We went to a place called Blu Sushi... very trendy but still really good.

Our second night was more eventful... here I am.. very happy at the dinner party because the Bald Man has already feed me else where! lol!

Can u tell I don't care for the food they serve???? Its extremly unhealthy!! yuck!

Here below are some good ol' boys from IN.... The blond standing is Sam and the guy sitting down is his dad, Rick...

Now Rick was very upset because they closed the open bar when the Chap owner did his announcement things... so Rick decided he would just go up to the bar and 'take' some beer... I mean.. Its not like its stealing cause it was free anyways.. there just wasn't anyone there to wait on you while the bar was closed...

Anyways.. here's the fun part.... he 'took' non alcoholic beer by mistake!! lol!!!!! I think he drank 2 before he noticed what it was!!
Rick kept us laughing ALL evening!!! I gotta say Thank goodness for him because these dinner 'parties' are mighty dull.

Now here are the ya-hoo's that sat at our table that night...

now I'm not saying they were rude...
I am saying they were gross and rude!

I have never in my life seen people talk while shoving their months full of food at such an amazing speed.... and completely inappropiate conversations that everyone at the table could hear...
AND... one of them actually went up to the dessert bar.. filled his plant full of cakes and pies... then took his folk and directly stabbed at more cakes and carried them back on his folk... gross!
Manners anyone????

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Suit is done and future things planned!!!

OOP Vogue 9026 is done! And ready to be worn at the ultra boring boat dealer dinner/awards ceremony!
I am fairly happy with it.. this is my first attempt at a top this constructed... and let me tell you.. the inside of this top is a hot mess!!! lol!!! I sewed it up, altered it... took it apart.. did all kinds of crap! I know.. I should have made a muslin... esp. since I've never made anything this constructed,,,, live and learn. I think I should have used a heavier fabric too... then if would have draped better.
I am very happy with the skirt! It was a straight skirt with a flare at the knee... well with me being a shorty (5'5) I knew I couldn't pull that off with out looking 'choppy'. So I lengthened it to my ankles.. to a mermaid style skirt... wanting to keep some sexiness alive I did away with the flare on one side and slit it up to my thigh.. did a narrow 3 thread hem in grey embroidery thread with my serger all around... Pretty! Then up the front panel by the slit I did the embroidery motif you see here all the way up,,, also did the same motif on one of the side back panels... hot fixed some gunmetal grey swarovski rhinestones... yes! so happy with the skirt! I used a stretch faux suede for the skirt and top collar, a stretch light wt. cotton for the top.

I can't wait to wear it!!!

On the "Next for me" list... my Panama (Panama the country.. not Panama, FL) vacation mini wardrobe must begin when we return from dealer meetings... these 2 patterns and fabric choices get it started!!!! (not to worry Sonja and Rach I'm going to make your costumes first!)

Both fabrics are knits (imagine that!)

Yep, I danced last weekend.. but now you don't have to see all my bellydance pics unless you want to!
Another blog! This one will be authored by Rachel, Sonja and me after nights we dance there!

Still loving my garden!

You gotta love other sewing and needle arts enthusiasts! They are always the nicest most helpful people!!
I asked Sheila over at for some
suggestions on crocheting and she sent me some Crochet magazines!
Thank You Sheila!!!
If any of you haven't been to her site... GO! she will inspire you!
I have wanted to crochet for so long... I try and try!! I have a hard time understanding the patterns.... I can get the hook thingy to work... but the patterns are kinda wacked sounding to me!
I've decided I don't care if I get any better knitting because I can just buy a knitting machine.. but I can't buy a crochet machine! And I adore the look of crocheted items... more so than knitted really. I don't think I've ever had so
much trouble learning something... ever!

Saturday, August 2, 2008

New Take

Ok... The look to the right is the first shirt I made to go with my Boston fabric skirt...
the look to the left is the wrap top I just made for the second "look"
I think I like the left look with the wrap top better than the black T.....
The only thing about the new "look" is the wrap top is a little short.... and I think I kinda look fat in it... Bald Man thinks I'm crazy when I say that.. but whatever! Maybe its the way I'm standing in this pic... anyhow....
I like the "islandie" look of it!
The grey boloro looks pretty cute with the wrap top too! I just didn't wear it last night because the Bald Man thought it looked to dressy to go out for just a drink (he's becoming quite the fashion police with all the Project Runways he watches with me!)... which turned into Salsa dancing at the local Latino club! Yep, it was one of those nights.. long!
I have to work (bellydance) tonight so I'm trying to get my energy up! Been a while since we stayed out that late (last Friday! lol!)