Saturday, August 16, 2008

Felted Swap and the Coconut Story

Well, my swap partner from the recycled hand bag swap received her Felted Handbag I made her... and I think she loved it because she gave me a 5 and a heart!!! yay!!!

To the left it the sunglasses case I made to go in it.... made from a childs sweater (I felted it) and on old trench coat button

To the right is the hand bag... made from an old sweater (felted), trench coat button and its lined with an old shirt...
the pocket if from the scraps of another old shirt...

This was a simple bag to make and ofcourse very low cost because everything was recycled!!
I want one for myself now!!!


You see, I love baby coconuts... I eat about 3 a week! While the Bald Man and I were in FL I couldn't help but notice all these baby coconuts on the palm trees everywhere!!!
It had been 4 days since I had a coconut.... my month was seriously beginning to water when I would see them...
Now Bald Man could see I was getting excited every time we passed a tree full... especially if it was a tree that wasn't in any ones yard... to me... it was fair game then!
So we pulled over on the side of the road at the beach on Sanibel Island... a very low tree by the road had about 3 baby coconuts hanging from it... and if Bald Man stood on a nearby rock he could reach them!!!!

So he did... the site of him on the side of the road.. balancing on a rock , reaching for coconuts was to much... I meant to take a pic but I was laughing so hard... I lost it! Just thinking about it makes me crack up all over again!!

Anyways, he pulled down 3 babies... walking all proudly back to the car... he gets in.. I have tears in my eyes from laughing so hard... he hands me the baby coconuts... I smile,,, squeal with happiness..... and just as I reach out for them I see hundreds of ants everywhere on the coconuts and the branch their still attached too...

I immediately start screaming "get it out of here! get it out of here... theres ants on it!!!!"
Bald Man looks down and scrambles to open the car door and throw them out!!

I am loosing it and laughing again while frantically checking all around me to make sure there are no ants on me!!

We laughed all the way back to the hotel... and I didn't even bother to look up at the baby coconuts anymore.....

Poor Bald Man... all that trouble... and all he got was alot of hysterical laughter!!! And I still had
no baby coconut.....

We're home now and yes.... I have had a coconut... straight from the Health food store!!! As nature intended!!

I'm proud of the Bald Man though.... he always tries to make me happy!!!

Here he is 21 lbs thinner than he was 3 months ago... thanks to going RAW !
Even though this trip was business it was fun.
Also I found a cool little craft/sewing store on Sanibel Island! I'll show pics of my 'goodies' in the next post.....
On the way home we stayed a couple of days in ATL where I had to go to Gail K's... half for business... half... just because... so I'll show my finds from there too!

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Sheila said...

ROFL @ the coconut & ants, at least he Reminds me of when I was so proud of my flower garden and decided to bring in some cut flowers... talk about ants all over...ugggh!