Thursday, August 28, 2008

I have Range

I know its hard to see on this red mannequin... but here is the progress of the Rhythm/Salsa dress I am making for a competition dancer here in town.... I have a ways to go on the top and I have to completely cover it in crystals! Its going to be gorgeous on her!!!
This is the first time I've made a dress like this!! Its very exciting to me...
I go this fabric at the wonderful Gail K's. The Lycra fabric was pretty reasonable at $12 a yard... but the netting I'm using was $20 a yard!! Thank Goodness I didn't have to use to much of it to get the effect I wanted.

And I can't wait for Rach to put her bellydance costume on that I made her last week!!!! I want to post it so bad!

Punch Needle!
Yes, I love to punch needle lots of little designs and I never have any clue what I will do with them!
Here's what I'm currently working on.... and here is my new punch needle toy!!!
Its seriously cutting my time in half because I don't have to keep putting new thread in the needle... as you can see this contraption has bobbins of embroidery thread being fed down into the needle. I love it... It was $30 a JoAnn's for 4 punch needles, 2 threaders, the bobbin thingy, a cute carrying case and all the bobbins and their case! Plus I used my 40% off coupon from the paper... I love a deal! And when I get a deal I love to tell people about what a good deal I got! lol!

Weird Obsession
In the mail yesterday I get another Barbie Knitting Machine!!! Yay! I love these things!!! I also found this awesome vintage book on projects for the Barbie knitting machine.
I already have one... but it only knits the tubes... this one knits tubes AND panels!!

Today in the mail I got my Kenner Knitting machine from 1963... I'll post it as soon as I get it all set up!
Why do I love little kids vintage knitting machines????

Just a peek from my garden... I just love it! But it has taken time away from sewing... its worth it though!!!

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laura said...

Seeing your little knitting machine reminded me that I had one when I was little. I'd forgotten all about it. I remember that you slid the top part back and forth as the yarn fed into it but after each slide you had to make sure the hooks on the knitting thing were either open or shut, or you'd get skipped stitches! Mine made panels and Peewee, our daschaund, proudly wore the little coat I made for him (he was a very wierd dog and loved his coats and collars). I think these toys just bring back happy memories from childhood and there's nothing wrong with that!