Monday, August 25, 2008

I'm here, Blog land!!!

Sooooo busy!!!!! In between trips, getting my son back into school, taking care of the Bald Man and sewing... but not sewing for me!!! (all sewing lately has been design/costuming work... beautiful pics coming soon!)
I haven't had much time to blog!!!

To the left is one last pic I want to post from the FL trip.... This view from outside our window, with a rainbow!!!
How beautiful!!!!
I know rainbows are a sign of God's promise but they always make me think... wow! there is so much beauty in this world!!!

The Atlanta trip was fun! As always!!!! Here I am at Gail K's... where else! I was on a mission for some hot orange fabric for a rhythm/salsa dance dress I have been hired to make.
I am very excited about this dress... new challenges! I am so up for it!!!!
I made the skirt for it today.... its gonna be hot hot hot!!!!

In other sewing/costuming news I finished a bellydance costume last week for the lovely Rach .

And I finished a handbag today for my swap with Lory !!!

No pics of these things yet... Bald Man has the camera!

Here is a pic of The Bald Man and me on top of the Georgia Terrace Hotel in ATL!

Up there with the smog! Yuk! but the view was nice!

I've also belly danced/worked at the restaurant a few times and have updated the ... along with Sonja and Rach..

and updated my 'health' blog
'Raw Update'
Since the "raw food" lifestyle change, 3 months ago, The Bald Man has lost 22 lbs!!!! And I've lost 7... without even dieting... just eating 80% to 90% raw!

See! I'm catching up!!!!


Sheila said...

That rainbow is beautiful. Looking forward to your fabric candy from Gail K.

Congrats! on the weight loss.

Faye Lewis said...

Isn't Gail's fantastic? Hope I get go go back one day!