Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Suit is done and future things planned!!!

OOP Vogue 9026 is done! And ready to be worn at the ultra boring boat dealer dinner/awards ceremony!
I am fairly happy with it.. this is my first attempt at a top this constructed... and let me tell you.. the inside of this top is a hot mess!!! lol!!! I sewed it up, altered it... took it apart.. did all kinds of crap! I know.. I should have made a muslin... esp. since I've never made anything this constructed,,,, live and learn. I think I should have used a heavier fabric too... then if would have draped better.
I am very happy with the skirt! It was a straight skirt with a flare at the knee... well with me being a shorty (5'5) I knew I couldn't pull that off with out looking 'choppy'. So I lengthened it to my ankles.. to a mermaid style skirt... wanting to keep some sexiness alive I did away with the flare on one side and slit it up to my thigh.. did a narrow 3 thread hem in grey embroidery thread with my serger all around... Pretty! Then up the front panel by the slit I did the embroidery motif you see here all the way up,,, also did the same motif on one of the side back panels... hot fixed some gunmetal grey swarovski rhinestones... yes! so happy with the skirt! I used a stretch faux suede for the skirt and top collar, a stretch light wt. cotton for the top.

I can't wait to wear it!!!

On the "Next for me" list... my Panama (Panama the country.. not Panama, FL) vacation mini wardrobe must begin when we return from dealer meetings... these 2 patterns and fabric choices get it started!!!! (not to worry Sonja and Rach I'm going to make your costumes first!)

Both fabrics are knits (imagine that!)

Yep, I danced last weekend.. but now you don't have to see all my bellydance pics unless you want to!
Another blog! This one will be authored by Rachel, Sonja and me after nights we dance there!

Still loving my garden!

You gotta love other sewing and needle arts enthusiasts! They are always the nicest most helpful people!!
I asked Sheila over at http://sheilazcrochetz.blogspot.com/ for some
suggestions on crocheting and she sent me some Crochet magazines!
Thank You Sheila!!!
If any of you haven't been to her site... GO! she will inspire you!
I have wanted to crochet for so long... I try and try!! I have a hard time understanding the patterns.... I can get the hook thingy to work... but the patterns are kinda wacked sounding to me!
I've decided I don't care if I get any better knitting because I can just buy a knitting machine.. but I can't buy a crochet machine! And I adore the look of crocheted items... more so than knitted really. I don't think I've ever had so
much trouble learning something... ever!


Sonja said...

Suit is stunning! I'm happy for you! Great job! Can't wait to get you started on my costume!!!!

Cindy said...

Nice work on the suit! Love the color combination.

laura said...

Good Job! Won't you be a hit? Your awards ceremony can't be that bad!!! Having attended MANY sports banquets for 3 kids over the years, I know what boring is! I'll never forget one in particular. After signing in, I asked where the bar was. "There is no bar." answered one of the very prim mothers."We don't feel that it's appropriate to drink in front of the children." Oh right! Not like some of those kids couldn't drink us under the table! Unfortunatley my reaction was to shriek, "Oh my God! No bar?" And then after getting many dirty looks I said I forgot something in my car and drove to the nearest bar to fortify myself for the evening! After that Hans and I learned to take a flask. I think everyone including me was glad when my last one graduated!

Sheila said...

The suit came out great and must say a constructed garment gives a better fit so you will look fab. Enjoy the crochet mags.

Faye Lewis said...

Extremely pretty suit. Hope it wore well for you.