Saturday, September 27, 2008

1st Draping Project

Before we left for Panama I made several new outfits... that I haven't worn yet!
But last night we went to dinner with some friends at our favorite local nightspot so I decided to try wearing my 1st ever draped dress!

The style is completely not me... I had to add the lace cape because I cut the neck way to low!!!
I also never wear cotton unless its jeans... or stretch cotton! So I was a little uncomfortable in it. It felt all stiff and proper...

As for the whole draping process... I have the book "The Art of Draping" that helped me through... I got a good fit! So I do consider the dress a success.. even if I don't like the fabric I used.... or this style on me!

So all in all, not bad for a first draping project! I really enjoyed sewing up something that didn't require a pattern of any kind. Draping is fun and I want to try a knit dress or shirt using this technique soon!

Now I'll probably cut up this dress for a purse! lol!


Faye Lewis said...

Congratulations on you draping success. You really stepped out there with that.

Cennetta said...

You are so creative. I love the black dress.