Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Back to Work!

Right away... back at costume designing/sewing. This Bellydance Costume is in the works for Sonja . It is no where near done... there will be many AB crystals, beaded fringe and sequins before its all said and done! Miss S doesn't like to show alot of leg... and there is a slit all the way up to the hip on this skirt... so I'm thinking I'll add a sheer drape and add small ab crystals to it later... So its sexy... but not revealing!

I'm also taking a technique I see alot of clothing designers use. I'm going to be using braided trim on it... which will have tiny ab crystals applied later. You can never have to many crystals!!! Maybe to much fringe... but not crystals... that rule applies to any and all dance costumes I think!
Well... thats whats in my head right now anyways! It may change!


Kembree said...

I love leopard print..looks great!

Faye Lewis said...

Such a lovely outfit. Wish I had the body for that!

Rose said...

I love it--very hot!

Angelia said...

Thank you!!!! Its a work in progress with a long way to go!