Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Boquete, Panama!!

Hello from Boquete, Panama!!!!
This is such an amazing place... the scenery is like nothing I've ever seen... the place we're staying.. is wow!!! Check me and Brian out below having breakfast in this open air dinning area. Alot of places here are open air... there is no need for air conditioning or heating. There's a reason this place is called the city of eternal spring! I can't really say this is our view from our little round house.. its more like we're surrounded by these views!
Here's our little round house!

We are having a wonderful... beautiful time! This place is amazing.... below, one of the many streams running around town. There are also so many rivers here!!!! In this tiny little town they even have a fabric store, which carries mostly cottons. I have seen 2 of these sewing machines for sale here!! And I have bought 3 sewing magazines with patterns right off the shelf from a pharmacy.. more on them later....The fruits here are unbelievable! Bananas growing everywhere... oranges, papaya, passion fruit.. and some fruits I don't know... but I'm going to try them!!! These fruits below were $1.50....
Yep.... more views from our round house... the whole town is surrounded by picture perfect views like this!
Brain at the breakfast house!

We have so many more pics... so more later!!!!


Mary said...

Okay, Mom wants to go with you next time!!!!

love you all!

Mary said...

As long as there is a fabric store - we would be happy!!!

Love ya,

Angelia said...

I LOVE it here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sheila said...

An Awesome vacation and the scenery is absoultely stunning.

Thank You for the Awesome Package... I just came up for air long enough from looking at the magazines to give you a Huge Shout-Out of Thanks!!!