Monday, September 29, 2008

Inspiring Images and Planning!

While in Panama I picked up some sewing/pattern magazines at the pharmacy!!!

I had bought a Patrones off ebay before to see what all the hype was about.... but didn't see anything my body could pull off in it... I mean, fashion forward clothing is great... if you have the frame to carry them, and my curvy, 5'5 body can't carry alot of them... so back up on ebay it went.
Plus Patrones patterns do tend to be more difficult.

The dress above is cute, simple and I think I could pull it off.. maybe.....
The dress above I could not pull off and I would have to hire someone with much experience to help me sew it... there's alot of patterns like that in Patrones.... but its soooo pretty!
Love , love this dress!!! Style and the fabric choices!

Ditto for this one!!! I think I could sew these 2....

The following pics are from the Moldes Magazine... which I love... cute stylish clothes... but the don't seem extremely difficult.

The top and dress above are so simple but the use of 2 different fabrics makes it a stand out. I would have to add more 'support' to that top somehow!
This top above is rated difficult... but I don't think it would be to hard... we'll see.
Love this whole look!!!!!!
Yes, I am trying to plan some fall sewing..... strickly from my stash... which is huge now!!!!


Faye Lewis said...

I sent you a prize, look at my blog.

Lory said...

Those dresses look so cute! You can totally pull them off, what are you talking about? :):):):)

I'm still trying to figure out Burda, so I'm not gonna try those Patrones yet. But they have a lot of pretty stuff......hard to resist. lol


Sheila said...

I agree the dresses are gorgeous and believe you can pull it off. I have yet to try a Burda pattern and know that I have a long way to go before I can take on a Patrones pattern.