Thursday, September 11, 2008

Poodle Coat!! Cute and done just in time!

Well, it worked! My little vintage pattern worked for my poodle raincoat!!! yay!!!
It was super easy! The pattern had this little belt thing that went around the body and buttoned.. I changed that. Which cut some bulk out of the front of the coat and made it easier to button!!

Look at the cute.. easy pockets!!! I do plan to make this in another fabric because I love hooded coats!!!
This should keep me dry during the rainy season of Panama!

Since we're traveling this weekend we thought we should go out for a bit last night... check out my Bald Man 25 lbs lighter!! I'm so proud of him!!

And check out my cute felted bolero to the right! One old Goodwill sweater+ some fancy yarns+ a felting machine=a very cute, unique accessory! I love felting stuff!!


Mary said...

Just tooooo cute!

laura said...

That is absolutely adorable!

Faye Lewis said...

Your poodle coat is too cute!

Kembree Darakshani said...

Very cute coat! Have an awesome time on your trip!

Sheila said...

Aww your poodle coat is so cute.