Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Volcan & Cerro Punta, Panama

Mist covered mountains... all the time... a.k.a. The Cloud Forest.

We drove up to Volcan and Cerro Punta... all I can say is... its breath taking!!! These 2 towns are on the other side of Volcano Baru. Cerro Punta is the highest inhabited town in Panama at 6,000 ft.
The scenery was never ending beauty!

Here is a very cute hotel between Volcan and Cerro Punta.....

In Volcan the land is very rocky but still rich volcanic soil. Lots of dairy farming going on here!
You can barely see them in this pic but Cerro Punta is lush mountains covered in GARDENS!!! I'm talking lettuce, onions, cabbage, carrots, potatoes and on and on! On the side of mountains!!! How awesome to have such rich fertile soil, some rain everyday (which means no watering) perfect weather for growing... not to hot, not to cold... never freezing! And also I noticed chickens running around everywhere on most farms.. instant fertilizer! And eggs!!! I wish I had chickens...
So on one side of the volcano is Boquete... full of coffee farms and fruit trees... on the other side is Volcan, lots of dairy farms (which also means goats would do well there! I love goats!) and Cerro Punta... full of vegetable gardens!!!

Below at our little round house... Brian has made a new friend... the awesome dog belongs to the owners of Isle Verde. He likes to fetch... oranges! Which are plentiful all around... if there are no orange's on the ground he will jump up and take one right off the tree! I love dogs!


laura said...

Looks beautiful, I can't imagine how much nicer it is in person. And it's always a bonus if you can come home with some fabric as a momento!!

Mary said...

Okay - is this going to be your new home someday!?

It is beautiful - you mom's very envious!!!

I would love chickens toooooo!