Friday, October 10, 2008

Been Tagged! Twice!!!

So I've been tagged by Faye and Kimbree !!! To name seven weird or unknown facts about me....

Lets see.....

1. I can't decide what hair color to be lol!!! Over the last year I've been red, red with blond, auburn, light blond and now dark brown.... I think I drive my hair stylist crazy!!! I've been like this for years!!!

2. I like cleaning stuff out and getting rid of stuff ..... But I hate everyday cleaning.

3. I am crazy happy and so proud that my son is musical!!!! He plays guitar, dulcimer and some piano, some banjo. He has even wrote some of his own music... not bad for 14!

4. I think its awesome that my Bald Man is half Panamanian!!! Awesome and hot!!!

5. I'm fascinated with polygamy.... every since that HBO series Big Love!!! I can't believe some women share their man, their kids AND their kitchen!!! Crazy!!!

6. I love sewing!!!!! Its such a passion... and I really love to see people wearing things I made them! I always feel so honored when someone hires me to make them something!

7. I owe it all to God! I truly believe without him I couldn't do anything! I think him for all my many blessings and skills!!

Now I'm supposed to name other bloggers to do the same.. but I'm just gonna say.. if you're reading this and feel like you want to share... go for it!

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Faye Lewis said...

I love your new hair color.