Saturday, October 18, 2008

Burda Pants 7873 & One Piece Dress

This pair of pants was made using pattern 7873 from Burda.
They are part of the Burda Young Fashion collection. I have found that if I use Burda Young patterns for pants I don't have to adjust the crotch curve or crotch length at all !!!!
This was a very easy pattern... patch pockets, the zipper is easily put in because its meant to show....Instead of a fly or invisible. I added the back pocket flap to give my 'backside' more lift! An important thing!!!! Right!
I will make these again but instead of making them skinny pants like the pattern I will widen the legs.

One Piece Wearables is a fun book with lots of easy, fast projects. The halter dress and shrug on the right was made using patterns in this book... I don't really like this silhouette on me but its a comfortable dress for every day wear.

I also made a top from this book I will have to remember to get a pic of... its so cute... and kinda hot!

I have so many more things to post I've made lately!!!!! A dress, a purse and a top!
Ofcourse I've been working on Christmas presents too... and I can't post them!
I have so may projects to look forward to!!!


Lory said...

Love the pants! Those would look great with stilletos or tucked inside knee high boots. Oh, the possibilities!!!

Are you looking to make your next pair into a trouser pant? That'd be neat to see.

The book sounds interesting, I'll have to check it out. :):)


Faye Lewis said...

I love the dress, looks great on you!

Donna said...

You are amazing. I love the top, just adorable and the pants are great. They both look perfect on you. You are so talented.. I enjoy reading your blog.

Angelia said...

Thank you!!!