Friday, October 31, 2008

The Longest UFO Ever!!!!

To call me a slacker on this project... would be an understatement! When my son was about 3... which was 11 years ago I started this dress. All sewn up... 9 yds of Cotton Velveteen... but I had no stones or plumes to finish... So in the box it went.
A few years later and in another house I found the plumes for it... 40 wine and burgundy ostrich plumes!!..... but still no stones... in the box it stayed....

And now... in another house.... here it is, Pegee's Burgundy Dress pattern from Gone with the Wind... stones are on!!!
I hand set 144 ruby swarovski crystals in gold rims on this dress last week (my fingers were so sore!!!!) You can't see well in the pic but they are scattered all over the dress!

I now have the plumes all sewn on the shoulders and the bustle (we will take pics tomorrow!) ... but ran out before I got to the bottom!!! Crap! I will need atlest another 30 for just the bottom of this dress.... look at how long it is!!!

But I'm still going to wear it tomorrow night to a friends Halloween Party.... I also have 5 yds of wine colors tulle on the bustle and around the shoulders .... Just like pretty Scarlett O' Hara in the movie!!!

So basically... I'm declaring it done!!!! I feel like I've accomplished something here! lol!!!!

I better go...The trick or treaters are hitting the house!!!! Happy Halloween!!!!


Lory said...

The dress is gorgeous! You should pat yourself on the back, you did good. :):):) It's very elegant.

Happy halloween.


laura said...

I can't even imagine attempting something like that! It's beautiful! I also can't imagine wearing it all evening long at a Halloween party.I'm looking forward to the pictures with all the plumes and I sincerely hope no one spills anything on you!

Alexandra said...

It looks gorgeous! But wow, 11 years - that is a long UFO.

Sonja said...

This was even more beautiful on. Seriously, you looked way better than Scarlett!