Monday, October 27, 2008

What a Weekend!

I really had a fabulous weekend! First let me tell you about the Halloween Apron Swap me and my Mom did.... I had signed up to do one on Swap-bot but then mom suggested we just do our own.. to ensure we get a good swap! So yesterday was like getting Christmas presents! She made me a cute little half apron from a Mccalls pattern and I love it! Also in my package was Halloween plates, some goblets, a cute matching towel and some yarn! Thanks Mom!!!!!

I made her apron using the 4 Corners Apron pattern... which I love! Easy and super cute! She wouldn't model it for me so below I'm having to to do it!
She has always hated having her pic made! Taking her picture is the fastest way to make her dislike you!!!! lol!!
Also in her package I made a matching potholder, added a pair of a Halloween socks (I seriously LOVE holiday socks of any kind) and put it all in a draw string bag I made of bat fabric!!
So much fun!!
Below are some of the things the Barbie Knitting Machine has been making! Y'all know I love that thing!!!
Here's a pretty extra soft scarf!!!

This one below will be added to the neck line of a shirt....

And these are almost tube socks!!!! I honestly don't think I have one plain pair of socks!!

Friday me and My Bald Man went out to a local Hockey game (Go Ice Bears! ) then to Mirage to see Rachel belly dance (and take her the outfit I made her a month ago!!! If she didn't have 5 kids, which keeps her so busy she forgot to pick it up....I would have been mad at her!!! lol!)
We also met up with one of my favorite people... Nancy... and ofcourse had a hookah!

Here's me n' Nanc hanging out!!

You would think the night would be over after that... but NO!!! Then we went to Fairbanks for Latino night!!!!! Rach and Nancy met up with us there too.....
We had a blast.... danced and danced and danced!!!! Whew!
I had given Rach a cute lacy top that night with her outfit... so she wore that to Latino night...
now Rach is very pretty but I think that top might have seriously put the guys there into over drive... I thought she was going to have to beat the guys off with a stick.. or with my Bald Man or maybe with her black belt (Nancy is a Black Belt with serious butt kicking ability)
Bald Man suggested the next time someone asks her to dance she could reply...
"no thanks you.. but would u like to see pics of my 5 kids!!!" lololol!!! If she had of said that I would have fell out of my chair laughing!!!
Now back to work on the longest UFO ever!!!!!! I'll explain soon.....


Sheila said...

You have been very busy. What an great idea to do a swap between you and your mom. Simplicity 4020 is very pretty and the fabric is perfect for the blouse, as well as the pjs. Now I want a pair… I will check Walmart this weekend.
The new hair color looks great on you.

Lory said...

Glad your weekend was fun. :):):) The swaps are adorable. :)


Alexandra said...

Cool aprons! Love the new hair!

Cennetta said...

Love those creative Halloween aprons. Weekend are the best, and it looks like you had a grand time. I'm so looking forward to 5:00pm quiting time. lol