Sunday, November 2, 2008

Halloween Bash! 2008

Most of our Halloween was celebrated on Saturday night. We were invited to a party at a friends house, Caryn, ... who went ALL out to see everyone was entertained and had a fabulous time. I wish I had got a pic of her and her hubby and some of her decorating (which was the most fabulous I've ever seen!) But with all the party action I guess I'm lucky we got took time to take these pics!
Ofcourse I did make sure to get plenty on pics of the Burgundy dress.. aka... the longest UFO!
To the left you can see me and The Bald Man... me in the dress!!! yay! I didn't really have much time to make the Bald Man a fab costume... I did make the shiny satin like vest he's wearing.

Below... My friend Nancy (a sexy pirate!) and her date..... Above... Cindy (a gypsy) and her date Mark....

Below ... Sonya (a lovely mermaid) and her husband , Chris (King Triton) I have to add, esp. since this is mostly a sewing blog that Chris made his own costume!!! Seriously! He sewed it all himself!

Below here, one of the many amusing activities at the party.... shadow dancing! to funny! Here's Sonja shadow dancing the "trout".... how appropriate for a "mermaid"

We stayed at the party quite awhile but then decided we should go show some "love" to our good friend Rach at the Mirage... who had to work/bellydance that night.

Here are some random pics from the Mirage "after party".... me all comfy and out of "the dress" smoking the hookah with King Triton in the back ground trying not to get lost in my smoke cloud!! lol!!!

Sonja with the king's beard on.... looking quit disturbing...

Teaching Chris to dance debka.. in costume... lol!!! They really are the cutest couple!!! Even out of costume!

Me and my Bald Man....... just so happy.... for so many reasons!


Lory said...

That looked like such a fun party!!! Isn't halloween one of the coolest times of the year? I love it. Your dress looked fabulous, I'm happy for you that you got to wear it and enjoy it.


Sonja said...

Oh you're a dork! I can't believe you put the beard pic up --how disturbing! We had a blast, thanks so much for so many things, your encouragement, especially! And, your hair is safe (wink wink)...

Hugs and love, hey if you're home Thursday I need to bring tics by for you guys!! And the hair, too.