Monday, November 17, 2008

New Machine!!! and getting organized!

Here's my new baby... The babylock cover stitch machine!!! It runs quite, sews like a dream... For those of you who follow my blog you know I have the Babylock Evolve which has cover stitch abilities.. but I have to convert it.. and I'm lazy. I sew ALOT of knits!! So with the money I made off of a couple of costumes I bought this! And its love!!!!
Adding a new machine means re-organizing my sewing rooms to make it work... so my stash got re organized too... check out how neat it looks now!!
Actually we're re organizing alot of the rooms in our house... here's the Bald Man in his new office! LOL!!! You can't even walk in there!

Also.. I joined the Sew Craft Blog! I'm in group three and looking forward to meeting new seamstresses and fiber artists!


Salinda said...

Ooh! A coverstitch machine. I'm jealous.

It's a pleasure to meet another member of the sew craft blog group 3.

Happy Tuesday.

Lory said...

Hi Buddy:

A serger, ohhh you'll love it! I love mine so much. :):):):)

I joined Sew Craft too, but I'm in group 2, I'm glad you joined. There's lots of cool people to meet.


laura said...

Wow! Gadgets, gadgets! What would we do without sewing machines, the internet, and our computers? I'd never heard of a coverstitch machine until this year and if I were into sewing a lot of knits I know I'd want one... but luckily it's not something I see myself in need of right now! Hmmm... the Sewcraft Blog sounds interesting.

Faye Lewis said...

Please let me know how your coverstitch machine works for you. My Janome is skipping stitches every now and then. Its probably me though. But I'm already thinking about saving money to get another brand.

Linda said...

I have machine envy. I want a coverstitch machine!!!!! I have contemplated buying the Babylock Evolve, Wave, whatever it is called that has the coverstitch capabilities plus the easy threading jet system. Yet I have a decent serger that has coverstitch capabilities also but like you it gets tiresome to change it out. So I keep contemplating the coverstitch machine like yours!!!