Sunday, December 14, 2008

The Best Christmas Party EVER!

Me n' the Bald Man were invited to the most awesome party last night. Below is a picture of our hostess Cindi with her boyfriend , dancing fool Mark! We had the best time and I want to say thank you to Cindi for including us again this year! My Bald Man!
Below is the one and only Dixie! Now we've seen Dixie at Cindi's other parties and we love her! She's always smiling!!! She's just one of those people you love being around! And this lady can dance!

Cindi and Bald Man!

Cindi's whole house is decorated and lit up like a fancy department store! Its truly beautiful!!!
She has a huge tree, lights and garland everywhere.... and even little tiny lit up houses and towns all over.

Below here is Kippy. We love seeing her too! A really good, fun person!

Me... and I didn't even get a good pic of my new bustier I finished up! I'll get some good ones soon. I've decided to make it my official holiday outfit!

At home..... my babies... Little 2_pac here............. look at that sweet little face...

And poor Be'Be'....... who was all tatted up and had to be shaved yesterday at the groomers... but I made her this little sweater so she won't be cold hopefully...


Kembree said...

Awww, I wish I coulda come to Shahira's party!! You look great and your doggies are too cute!

Rose said...

Looks like a great party with everyone having fun! Your bustier looks good from what I can see - looking forward to the full picture. Oh,yes, your babies are adorable. I could take them home!! (better watch them!)

Becky said...

Thanks for the comment! The tea wallets were really, really easy to make, once I decided to skip the excess pockets that made extra layers. And thrift shopping is one of my favorite things to do as well!

The bustier turned out great, and it looked like the party was a lot of fun!