Sunday, December 21, 2008

Friday Night Fun!

Friday night my darling husband and I ventured out to Mirage to see my friend Rachel.
Below, me in the new fake ponytail I got in Nashville! Yes I love fake hair!! Takes alot less time to get ready when you just "clip on" the perfect hair! Also.. I made this shirt I have on, its from BWOF. Below here... Rachel in the costume she bought from me that day! I love these colors on her.
And in another costume she bought from me that day... The Bombshell costume. Yes, redheads can be bombshell's too!
She looks awesome in this one too!
I do love to see the costumes I've made dance!
Me n' Rach!


Julia said...

Beautiful costumes. I can see why they re so popular amongst the dancers. Julia

Lory said...

Your friend Rachel looks very beautiful in the clothes. :):):)


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