Monday, December 29, 2008

Jacket done and my new Pfaff!

My New Years cropped jacket is done! Here is the back of it... my fabric turned out awesome! Beautiful light weight corduroy in blue, strips of light weight back corduroy sewn 3 inches apart and a cover stitch sewn down the middle with yli metallic cord..... I made my pants yesterday to go with the outfit. I have to try it all on to make sure it works out on my body like it does in my head!
Ok... The Pfaff 2170! My BIG present from my Bald Man! This lovely machine can do SO much.. its really overwhelming compared to my 2134.....
The possibilities are endless: 9 mm stitches, maxi stitches, antique embroidery stitches, several built in alphabets.... whew! and thats just the sewing machines part! The embroidery machine part has pfaff's awesome precise positioning , color screen, on screen customizing! and soooooo much more that it will take me months to learn to use all the bells and whistles on this baby!
I'm so up for the challenge!

Well.... only one more machine on my wish list to go.... The Blind Stitch machine.

Pictures of my New Years ensemble soon! I'm super excited about it!


Faye Lewis said...


Sheila said...

Happy Holidays!... You are definitely using your new machine and like the special touches on your jacket. Is there a difference between a coverstitch and blindstitch machine?

Lory said...

I like the fabric a lot. :):):)

Santa's been awesome this year, hasn't he? Congrats on your new machine, it sounds awesome. You're gonna have a lot of fun with it. :):):)


Cennetta said...

Happy Holidays! Angelia. Great Christmas gift.

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