Sunday, December 28, 2008

More Christmas Stuff!

In a previous post I showed you all my dulcimer The Bald Man got me... well, here's the dulcimer I and my ex-husband bought Brian.
Its made of cherry wood from the family farm... isn't it so beautiful! Now Brian can actually play the dulcimer! So maybe he'll help me out with mine... (I can play London Bridge so far!! lol!)

Here's the polo shirt I made Bald Man! Made from another wonderful Kwik sew pattern! From blue and black knit... and a cross embroidered
on the sleeve... just alittle personal touch I love to add!
I love the way this turned out!

Here's just a few of the things Mom and Britney got me.... Mom made me the green chenille scarf, she knit me the purple multi color scarf and the cute grey fingerless gloves! She wove the burgundy and navy table runner on her loom! Its lovely!
The cute pink draw string bag was made by my niece Brit.

Here's a Fabric to Go present!! From Mom... how cute is this! Each cup had different fabric and some cups had embroidery thread!

Here's a present to My Bald Man... made by Mom.... A Bald Santa!

Here's Mom in the Scottie dog wool blend cape I made her... I trimmed it with serger crochet...
and yes, I wanted to keep it for myself!

Here's my Dad in the Titan jacket I made him! I'm so glad it fit!

This was a great Christmas.... we are truly blessed by God!
So many wonderful presents! I loved everything I got!
Also..... The Bald Man got me a new machine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! More on that... and the fabric I made/embellished for my New Years jacket tomorrow.


Lory said...

The gifts are so nice! Aww, you have a beautiful family. :):):)

Now, you have to tell us about that new machine! Isn't that one of the coolest gifts ever? Ah, the possibilities. :):):)

Have a great weekend.


Kembree said...

Awww, that's so sweet! Looks like the whole family had a great Christmas. And all of you are so talented.

Alicia said...

All the gifts are so great, but those fabric to go cups are just too creative! I might borrow that idea for some sewing friends! Thanks for sharing, you and your family are so creative!

laura said...

Wow! You were one busy sewist this Christmas! I love the Polo shirt and I'm definitely going to get back into Kwik Sew again.

Sheila said...

Glad you had a great Christmas.

You did a fantastic job on the Polo shirt and must get that Kwik Sew pattern.

hillary said...

looks like you had a wonderful christmas. happy new year!

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