Sunday, December 21, 2008

Projects: Complete, UFO and in the works

With Christmas sewing all complete, except for a few details and small things... I can get back to ME sewing!!! I made this top Friday using this Simplicity pattern. I love this pattern and can say I have got my moneys worth with this one! I have made the long cardigan, the pants, the sleeveless shirt and this shirt 2 times...
I used this fabric I got from Philly last year which I also made a wrap skirt and a wrap top out of.
This is such a good fitting pattern for me .

I admit I have some UFO's... in waiting I have 3 purses, one vest and this....
it there any wonder why this is a UFO.... I've been working on it on and off for almost a year now.. its a completely hand beaded belt for a belly dance costume. The front of the belt is done and I'm starting the back belt now..... its beaded on an antique brocade.. I'm beading along the original pattern of the brocade. I'm thinking this will be a show stopper when it is done... I also used some huge swarvoski crystals on this beauty.
Hopefully.... I will have time to make this before New Years... but I doubt it.... I think this corduroy will be awesome made up in the long coat pictured here.... lined in red! This is from my mom's stash... Thanks Mom!!!

Here's a work in progress... also I have high hopes this will be done by New Years... but probably won't.... You see I have this beautiful light weight blue and black corduroy (another from Mom!)
I have cut the black corduroy on one inch strips and placed them 3 inches apart on the blue. Now I have to sew them down the middle of each strip... then I want to do a decorative silver cover stitch down the middle of each strip... then wash it and let the ends fringe. Then cut out and make up the cute bolero I have picked out !!! Yeah... its not going to be done by New Years... but its going to be so cool when I get it done! I actually saw fabric done like this in Nashville... it was $54 a yard!!!!!

This book below has a ton of ideals for the fiber artist who is looking for the challenge of combining textiles to make your own new fabrics.


Lory said...

Hi Angie :)

The shirt looks really cute. I have that Simplicity pattern also, but haven't worked on it yet. But because it's worked so well for you, then that's the push I need to get to mine, :):):)

I love the beadwork you've done on that belt!!!! Wow, it's gorgeous. And you know how much a belt like that would be worth in a standard store? A litte fortune for sure. And by the time you start dancing, the beads start falling off. Because that's what RTW beaded things have done to me. :(

Ah, swarovski crystals, they're so gorgeous. I added a few to my halloween costume, and then some beads. The swarovski ones made the statement.

I was into bellydance when I was 21 (just a few years back, I'm still in my 20's) and I bought a belt scarf with coins around's was $75! I bought it because I wasn't sewing at the time and didn't think I'd know how to make one of my own. But now, I'd say to the old me "how much?, baby, make it yourself!" And it was a very simple belt scarf...

I like the idea of creating your own fabric. I have to check out that book. :):):):)


Becky said...

Wow, that must take an infinite amount of patience, doing all that beadwork! And I'm looking forward to seeing how your self-embellished fabric turns out.

Julia said...

I once made a formal dress for my daughter beading along the lace pattern on the whole bodice! It took forever, but it was worth it. It turned out very well. It's one I'm keeping. The belt is gorgeous. I'd love to see your creations in person. I like the idea of the corduroy combination. I may just have to try that after the holidays.
I really am going to have to start sewing for myself. You make beautiful things and have such a good eye for which fabrics are perfect for each pattern. Julia

Becky said...

Posting again... you won the giveaway! So if you can email your address to me at sunnyb64 at yahoo dot com, I'll get those in the mail to you ASAP. Congrats!

Linda said...

I love the top you made. Interesting fabric. I want that book also. I keep putting it on a book wish list, perhaps time to buy.

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