Saturday, May 31, 2008

Another trip! and other stuff going on...

Well, I'm off to Atlanta today! Sorry I've not been posting much... traveling and I've been pre-occupied with our diet changes! Setting up a Raw kitchen and finding good tasting recipes that won't shock my taste buds to bad!
If your curious about what the heck I'm doing now....

Some might say this is extreme... and it kinda is... but so was the intense energy I felt for 3 days of doing it! Until I had a drink that is! Yeah... there's a post about that too!!!

Anyways.. everyone have a fabulous weekend!!!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Boston Trip!

This is a pic heavy post! And not much to do with sewing... except I did buy some fabric in Boston...

Its been awhile since me n' the Bald Man got away for a long weekend. I had never been to Boston and love big cities so off we go!
Above is a pic of us on our first night in Boston at a restaurant called Ginza... great sushi! bad service...

Below are some pics of the town. A couple of pics of Bald Man and me at the Garden park which was SO beautiful! I love lush green parks/gardens in the middle of cities!!!
Oh, yeah... I'm wearing a top and jeans ... made by me!
Boston seemed alot like New York to me... a city with a constant buzz!

Oh yes... a fabric store... not much in the way of fabric stores that I could find. I got a few good pieces I'll picture later. The yarn was fab-u-lous!!!! I spent way more on yarn that fabric... I know real cute.... all these beautiful yarns turned into funky scarves and socks with my Barbie Knitting machine! lol!

And the night brings out my "sexy" clothes... and the new fake pony tail I found at a wig shop earlier that day! You can't see to well but I'm wearing my "zebra jeans" that I made! The shirt I'm wearing is the first piece of clothing my Bald Man ever bought me...
its a beautiful top ... He did good!
We went to a raw food restaurant called Grezzo... which has lead to many other adventures!

Pictures from Rockport on Cape Ann... So pretty!!
And a pic of me at a Lacrosse game... yeah I was bored but so was the Bald Man in the yarn store! It all evens out!!

Out on the town night 2! Wearing a top made by me! Going to Mare an Italian Organic restaurant.

Our last meal in Boston at the Gourmet Dumpling in China town.
SOOOOO awesome!

All in all... a wonderful trip!!!! I have been missing my sewing room though.....

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Zebra Jeans!

The "Zebra Jeans" ! I actually finished these last weekend. I am just now getting around to posting them.
Anyways... I used a 8 oz. stretch denim from
I'm not thrilled with the quality and think the denim will loose shape... which we all know happens with poor quality stretch denim... and honestly some higher stuff too.
I took some extra care in making these stretch jeans, and hopefully it will safe guard against... saggy butt jeans... saggy crotch and stretched out waist jeans.
After getting the crotch and back fitted the way I want I took hem tape and sewed it down to the front and back seams... I think I remember getting the tip from the Zapp Method book.
Then I sewed the hem tape down around the waist band too.
Here's to hoping they stay in shape... cause they're really cute and took along time to make!

Check out my side detail... cute, cute!!! The pattern from these jeans were copied from a pair of my RTW.
On the rtw pair there is a leather strip down the side.
No yoke and they have patch pockets... which I've said many times I love!!
The back pockets were copied from a different pair of rtw.
And I trimmed one pocket and appliqued the other.. and used my new sergers chain stitch with a 2 thread overlock narrow using a thick white rayon thread for trimming the pockets.

I wore this out Saturday night... I actually made this outfit last Oct. before I was blogging.
The bolero was from a Mccalls pattern... the pants were BWOF. The shirt is rtw... and I love it and plan to copy it before I completely wear it out!

Here is my little couch needle punch/knitting corner... my dogs like to hang out with me while I work on stuff . You see the routine has been disturbed though... Prada has decided she is tired of staying upstairs... poodles or not!
So here she is stalking the poodles, determined to show them who's boss and that she also rules the down stairs...
And now she does... the poodles what no part of the hissing, arching Prada... once they realized she is in charge.. they get along fairly well now.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Side Tracked!

I got really side tracked from my jeans Friday. This cute knitting machine I won from ebay came in the mail.

Its much like the Barbie Knit Magic knitting machine from Mattel made in 1974. This is like the knock-off version I think.

It quickly knits little tubes... to make Barbie clothes. How cute is that!

I don't want to make Barbie clothes... but I have found a number of projects using this for 'grown folk'!

I was on ebay looking at knitting machines when I found it. You see, I love yarn!!! I love knit and crochet items!! But I don't like to knit or crochet. I have learned the basics and can knit and crochet some ... but it takes FOREVER!!! Its not a process I enjoy. I know, I know... many knitters think knitting machines are cheating... but I don't care! I want soft yarn clothing items made by me that don't take SO long!

See how the little tube comes out... I can't get over how nice and tight the stitches are! Not one skipped stitch!

In less than an hour I had a cute soft pair of ankle socks!!

Stop laughing at me hand knitters!!!

I plan to make some fuzzy arm warmers, lots of scarves, belts and more socks!!!

I also found a projects to make something called Granny Circles with the machine.. endless possibilities there!!

Friday, May 16, 2008

The Babylock Evolve is mine!

Yes!! The Bald Man got me my new serger Tuesday!!! Look at how BIG it is. The 8-thread really does freak me out and I can't wait to try it. I've been using it but just in a standard way. I am going to made some little vests and boleros to practice the awesome decorative stitches and coverstitches this thing can do.

You see before I really get into putting the Evolves special skills to use I have to finish up these jeans!! Imagine that... I'm making jeans!
But check these out.. I am making them using a pattern I copied from a pair of my rtw... which I have used before. They have patch pockets on the front... which I really do favor. I think they are very slimming and eliminate the bulk of traditional jeans pockets. These jeans also have another unique detail. They have no yoke. So I call them trouser jeans. I have added another detail of the black and white zebra trim and yes, it sparkles! Its from the fabric my Mom got at that yard sale a few weeks ago.
The denim is 98% cotton and 2% Lycra from I swear its got way more Lycra that 2% though! Its super stretchy, which I don't like! Mainly because such stretchy denims lose there shape so fast and give the "saggy butt" syndrome.
Hopefully I have found the answer to this problem. More on that in the finished product post!!
I am thinking they will be done Saturday.

Ahhhh, yet another fabulous meal. Crab cakes with chipolte dressing....
This was a team effort. Bald Man did the crab cakes I did the dressing.
The crab cake recipe is in this months Cooking Light and its low fat!
The dressing is 2 Tofu Chipolte dressing recipes I found on the internet and morphed together.
Thats right... no mayo.. silken tofu! If you've not tried silken tofu in some recipes, give it a try. Its really amazing stuff... it saves tons of fat and adds proteins. Just make sure to buy organic!!
There have been some issues raised over the years about eating soy. Here's an article I found that seems to cover every issue that has been raised!
I will never understand why scientists test on mice and rats and then determine that humans will have the same results. I really don't see the resemblance between humans and mice!
But I may have seen the resemblance between a few humans and rats in my life.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Finished Projects! Great Mothers Day!

Finished jeans!!! I love'em! The pic on the left is a little blurred but you can see my off to the side button and loop! And how I distressed them. Below is a pic of my total Friday night outfit! I made the top I'm wearing last year. I made the shrug too. I made it about a month ago.

Back pocket details! Spade back pocket with a flap and hot fix rhinestones!

My mothers day breakfast!! Eggs Benedict!!! On a whole wheat english muffin, claw crab meat, asparagus and a great sauce!
The Bald Man can sure cook!!!!

And here is the shirt I made Bald Man a few weeks ago! With all his good cooking , keeping me in fabric and machines he deserves some shirts that fit him and are actually comfortable!!

Ofcourse the embroidery designs were done by my Pfaff 2034... I figure if I not only make my Bald Man clothes that make him happy and help justify the serger and sewing machine... by adding embroidery that helps justifies the embroidery machine... and will help in my pursuit for an upgraded embroidery machine next year!!!

Here is a punchneedle project I finished a few weeks ago... I can't decide what to do with it...
Thats the problem with punchneedle... I love doing it but often can't decide what to do with the finished project...
Its pretty though!! I am almost finished with a cute martini glass picture and a turtle! Don't know what I'll do with them either but its addictive!

Friday, May 9, 2008

New Machine???? Should I???

Ok! I want the BabyLock Evolve serger... which to me is the 'king' of all sergers!!! I love my BabyLock Imagine serger. Its been so awesome!!! But it doesn't do ALL the extra stitches the Evolve does... When I took the class with Margaret Tully back in Feb. I got to sew on one. It looks pretty intimidating... its bigger that a regular serger and it has up to 8 threads! Talk about some decorative stitching!
It does that cool cover stitch that would look amazing on jeans... hmmmm.... and that Triple stitch.. also, would look hot on jeans and so much other stuff!. ... Yeah, I need this machine.

All About Sewing is where I have bought my Imagine... my Pfaff embroidery machine, Pfaff sewing machine and my Pfaff felting machine and its where I will be buying the Evolve....I guess you could say, I really like dealing with them!!! If you're in the Knoxville area you are crazy not to deal with this sewing shop!!! Top of the line machines, super friendly and they are SOOO helpful. These are the reasons I am not afraid to buy such a complicated looking machine!
Bald Man told me I could go ahead and do the deal!!! YAY!!!!
My "hot kiss copy" jeans are done!! And they yeah... they rock! I'll be wearing them out tonight!!!
Today I have been working on Mom's Mother's Day present. I would like to post a pic of what I have done so far but she checks my blog and it'll ruin the surprise!! Its very... different.... and I know she doesn't have anything like it! and ofcourse its made by me!
Everyone knows handmade presents are the best.
Unless, ofcourse, the Bald Man is buying me more and/or better sewing equipment... or plastic surgery. These things are not handmade but they are "top presents" in my book!!
**I'm just saying!!!! Right Bald Man???** ;)
Here to the right are my poor poodle babies after a stressful day at the groomers. I had to get them shaved. I am terrible at remembering to brush them so after awhile they start getting 'dreads'
Oh well... its summer now and all that hair was making them pretty miserable when we go outside.... they're still cute!!! They're just extra tiny looking without their long hair!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Its all in the Details!

These are my Hot Kiss rtw jeans... I copied a pattern from them last week. I really like these and have wanted more jeans without a waist band like this but haven't been able to find any...
so I'll make my own... ahhh!
The joys of copying RTW!

I started work on them this morning and this is what I have done so far.... Aren't the pockets cute??? I got the ideal for doing the pockets like this from a pair of Japanese jeans that were for sale on ebay... (the buy it now price was $49,000 for those jeans!!! Crazy!!!!)

I still have to do the rivets.

For a design change I double top stitched down each side seam instead of the inseam. I also put the coin pocket on the left instead of the right.
Thats the beautiful thing about making jeans... there are so many design changes you can make very easily to give them a unique designer look.

I haven't put my jeans button on yet either... Check the Allen B's on the right...
I am going to do it like this...with a loop closure...
different and cute!
The back pockets will be a medium spade shape pocket. I also plan to put a flap over the top of the pocket. Because we all know a flap on top of your jeans back pockets will make the booty look higher and more shapely!
The flap will be made from the stripe fabric I used on the front pockets and will have jean buttons on them.
For some reason I don't get in a hurry to make jeans like I do tops, purses or anything else! I really enjoy the process of creating the jeans.... picking out the details.... design changes.
Hopefully I'll finish these up tomorrow... then I can decide if I will distress them any, put embroidery on them or maybe use felted embellishments ... oh! the possibilities!
****************Also from the sewing room****************
The vintage Retro shirt is done! Pics will be posted soon!
I also have to take up the Bald Mans shirt! And add stuff to the costumes Rachel bought from me last week.... I know I should have done these things first... but the jeans were calling to me!!!
*come make me fabulous Angie.. you know you don't have any jeans to wear this weekend!!!!*
Now how could I resist? lol!

Old and New Books

The last few days I've gotten some pretty good things in the mail and from my mom...
First we have on the left...
The Art of Fashion Draping... which honestly, just flipping through it looks scary!! I mean scary like way over my head!!
In the center:
Easy Needle Felting is awesome!!! Lots of great techniques for hats and purses... embellishing!
Clear and easy instructions... with lots of pictures! Love this book!
Denim by Design is also awesome! Its giving me great ideals for purses, boleros (yes!!) some really awesome belts and more. It includes patterns too!!
On the right is some vintage books on sewing jeans... theres some pretty great info in these if your into sewing jeans!!! Some shortcuts... very neat pocket ideals... copying RTW jeans, fitting...
I consider these a really good find for me!

Monday, May 5, 2008

The Weekend... going out and hoops

We had a fabulous weekend... even though I am bruised up a bit! I'll get to that later...

First we started Friday night off with going out to dinner and then stopping by Mirage... It was nice to see our friends. I've not really been in the mood to go there since I got SO burnt out on dancing there... But... I wanted to see 2 things at Mirage! First... here on the right is Sonja doing her Bellydance/Hoop fusion number... It was SO cute!! I loved it! (I don't know why I can't make this pic bigger!!!)

Here below is me n' my Bald Man. I am wearing a pair of copied Jeans I made a couple of months ago...

Next thing I wanted to see at Mirage was a costume I made a few years ago that Sonja bought last week from me.
It looks great on her and I'm very happy to see it "dance on"!

Now lets talk hoops! I went to a hooping workshop Saturday and Sunday taught by the amazing Jewels !!! Make sure to check out her site and her videos.. she's an awesome hoop dancer! Her workshop was so fun, informative... and a workout!!!! Each day was two hours... hooping is a great workout!! But after 4 hours of hooping I am left very sore and a little bruised!!!!

Here's Sonja getting her 'hoopbliss' going...

Here's Kim... me and Kim had a little trouble getting our 'hoopbliss' going! lol!!
But we'll get there!!!
I can honestly say I have never had so much fun doing something that I am not good at!!!

Sewing!!!! I plan to finish up my shirt today!! I have to work tomorrow... but for the rest of the week I have a pair of jeans all cut out and ready to sew! They are copied from a pair of my RTW jeans. They have a very unique detail.... no waist band.. they have facings instead. I can't wait to start them! More later....

Friday, May 2, 2008

I need help!

Ok.... I'm making this top from a vintage simplicity pattern (could the collar BE any bigger? I love it!) I'm using the vintage fabric Mom got me at the flea market last week... I can't decide if I should leave it like it is or add this ribbon down the front???

I can usually decide things pretty easy when it comes to design and embellishment...
But I'm lost on this!
I like it the way it is.... but then ... oh I don't know!!
Please help! What do y'all think???