Monday, June 30, 2008

Swap it!

Check out my stuff from Jackie in FL. She sent me some crystals , flower seeds, pins, a post card from her town and a black beanie baby poodle!!! I joined ... this was from the Newbie Swap. My stuff for the Swap went out to a girl in CA! How cool is this?? Its like pen-pals with presents!! The other swap I joined was called Everything Black... you're supposed things that are black to you're partner.. my partner is in Australia!! Her stuffs going out tomorrow!!

Tomorrow I gotta get back to the dress I was making before the costume crunch!! I need a new church dress so bad!

Belly Dance Superstar!

Isn't she lovely??? Esp. since she's wearing the costume I made! Actually its Sonja that makes the costume look beautiful.

Now I need pictures of the other costume I made during the 2 1/2 day costume crunch! Rach!!!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Costume Crunch!

I was taking my time making a new dress for church this week. When Wed. I get an email from Sonja wanting mini skirt belly dance costumes for her and Rach for an upcoming photo shoot we are doing on Sunday...
well... I can turn out some costumes when I want... but I haven't got all the 'stuff' I need to make the costumes...
haven't researched out what 'vision' they have for a costume.. haven't put together what I think works and let them approve before I start...
But here I am trying to pull 2 modern mini skirt belly dance costumes out of thin air!
I'm feeling very Project Runway!
To the left is what I have of Sonja's so far.... which I like... and I'm kinda wishing it was mine! I'm loving the color scheme and the use of black fancy net fabric. The cut outs on the side will more than likely have to be hand beaded.. which will be the main time consuming thing to do. It really needs to be "peppered" with rhinestones and I'm afraid I'm not going to have enough... we'll see... I have made a sexy black net gauntlet to go with it that I really do what to keep..
I am limited with this fabric though (scrap stash!) and don't think I'll have enough for me to keep one! Thats the problem with making stuff for other people.. I always want to keep what I make!
Breaks over, back to work.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Weekend of Dance

I danced Friday and Saturday! Here's a few pics from the weekend of Dance... it was very good!

With Drummer Tony here to the left... doing sword dance to the right...

Random pictures from the weekend...

And how it ends.... hungry!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

I've been sewing, I promise!!!!

I've been sewing! I really have!!! I just keep forgetting to have Bald Man take pictures....
last week I made 3 shirts and a pair of capris...this Monday I made another pair of capris!
To the right and left are the Burda capris I made last week!

The lovely black lace accents up top are really placed there because I had the iron to high and scorched my fabric!!

But I like the lace.. so it was a good mistake!

Today I made the Bald Man an awesome shirt! I can't wait for him to try it on!!!!

While running around the other day doing boring things I decided it'd be best if I treated myself with a trip to Jo anns to get some new patterns.... So here to the left is what I got. I got the New Look patterns because Sheila over at has been sewing up a storm and making some wonderful things with NL patterns! Wonderful things made quickly! Now thats what I'm talking about for summer sewing!

I got the cute Burda patterns because the capris I made were Burda Young fashion... and straight out of the envelope, no alterations needed... they fit! So I thought I would try my luck with a couple of other Burda Young patterns and see what happens...

And I scored some cheap sewing and herb gardening books at the local used books store!!! YAY!

Above are the capris I made Monday.... and Look!!!!! I made a welt pocket!!!!! I had a sewing lesson with local sewing sensation Judy Web and she showed me how to do one!!! No more avoiding patterns with welt pockets.. thanks to Judy!

I would love more lessons! But I've decided to wait til this fall since I'm about to be obsessed with the new garden Bald Man is having put in our back yard!

Inside of all my pants now have a strong ribbon on the waist bands and crotch curves... helps keep pants from getting saggy butt syndrome!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Bellydancing Again!

So I decided I would go back to the Cairo Cafe and dance for a couple nights a month... why? The number 1 reason... The Bald Man missed it (he's such a social butterfly! ha!)... number 2 reason... for extra fabric money ofcourse!!!!

Seriously I've missed the some of the people there too.
Here to the left is my hand beaded beauty I made last year when I was laid up after having my tummy tuck... all hand beaded! It took months to finish!!!
The purple skirt and gauntlets took about 20 minutes... made last night about 7:30!

Here's my all new costume!!! Made in the 'new' bellydance style.... inspired by dancers like Dina.. and designers like Sahar.... The Kiss Kiss costume!!!

I need a better pic of this! I'll get one next weekend.

All in all it was a nice night... very slow night... but nice. Rach, Nancy and Stan came by to hang out... its always good to see them!
Stan gave me a great compliment... he said I was a "fun dancer"
and I said... what I always say.... "if you're not having fun, you're not doing it right."
I guess I'm doing it right!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Apron Swap!

This is what I got in the mail from my apron swap partner!!! I love it! Her name is Bev from PA... and from reading the note she sent with my apron she's a very busy person!!! I don't see how she had time for this!
She even took time to hand bead some of the little ice cream cones on my apron!
And she appliqued matching ice cream cones on my kitchen towel.. sent me some extra cute note cards and a summery drink recipe.
Thank You Bev!!!!!

Monday, June 9, 2008

A Great Weekend!

The Bald Man and I had a fantastic weekend! Friday we just kinda hung around the house.. watched a movie. Saturday was 'going out' night! We went couple of places and then ended up at the Mirage. Its been awhile since I've been there but we told Rach we would come see her dance.

Here she is to the right in a bra and belt I made which looks great on her!!

I hate to say it but I really don't like watching bellydancers after all the years of dancing myself and watching them. I find it boring... unless the dancer has what I call the "it" factor.

Let me tell ya! Rach has the "it" factor! She sparkles and grows when she dances.
Most people can learn to dance... but not everyone shines when they do it.
I'll be back to see Rach dance again!

Below we have a pic of Capt. Bald Man! Yesterday we took one of the boats out for a joy ride on Lake Loudon. We had fun... and some surprises along the way!!

It was a beautiful day to be on the lake!!!
Next Sunday afternoon we might have to try it again!
So I was all finished with my new 5/08 BWOF shirt... put it on with the little white lace shrug I made... realized it didn't go 'right' with ANY of my pants.... crazy!
I need a pair of pants that are low rise with no details at the top.... good thing I have a pattern like that!!!
But today... I'm working on boring other peoples sewing..... oh well... more money for my fabric stash! lol!!

Friday, June 6, 2008

In the swing of things!

Well I'm back into the swing of things! Our two long weekend trips in a row got me knocked out of my mo-jo! The few days I had home between the trips I had to hurry and make 2 skirts for some bellydancers here in town... and now I have 4 skirts for another group of bellydancers that have to be done by Wed..... but I don't want to talk about work... I'm quite backed up!!!

But back and in the swing of things finally! This week I have made some really good raw meals, so I'm getting into the swing of that too! I have seriously ate so much... including lots of nuts and wonderful things like baby coconuts and avocados... and lost 2 lbs... I'm looking much more 'lean'.
More about that of my "health site"

Lets talk FABRIC!
This first set of fabrics came from my mom.... she was cleaning out her fabric closet obviously!
Left to right.. first, some beautiful white stretch lace (some of it became a cute shrug today!) and a crepe back satin... then some beautiful lavender linen.. and finally some all red brocade (you can't really see its a brocade in the pic though) and a cute cotton polka dot!
Mom should closet clean more ofter!

To the left here... from Atlanta! Good denim!!! Yes!!! This stuff is excellent quality! The piece on the far left is kinda coffee stained, the middle piece is sparkly and the last piece is puzzle looking. I only got the last piece because the Bald Man thought it would be awesome if I used it as pockets and accents on a pair of jeans... and I think he's right!
I also got a heavenly piece of Grey denim!!!! But its being washed right now!

And from Boston! I bought this great wool blend stripe with a satiny finish... and some snake skin vinyl!!! Whoo hoo!!! It'll make the cutest purse!

And here, the a gorgeous tie dye type stretch jersey... I'm thinking a long simple sexy summer wrap skirt....
And a black and white knit for a long cardigan.

Oh yeah... And some of the coolest yarns! Since I can only knit scarves, arm warmers and socks with my barbie knitting machine (heehee!) I thought they should be made from yarns that... well... make a statement!

I do plan to get a 'real' knitting machine though!

BTW, I made a shirt yesterday from BWOF May issue,... going to wear it tomorrow night with the shrug I made today....
Now that I'm 'back' I should be able to update my blog more often again!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

I Luuuuuv me some ATL!!!!

Back from Atlanta... where the fab-u-lous Gail K's is !!!!! Look at all the beautiful fabric!!!!!

But I got what I came looking for!!!!

Yep,,, denim! Gail K's had some amazing denims!! I was a very good girl and didn't buy anything else... but I got plenty of denim to last me awhile.... (I'm wearing my "panda jeans" here!)
Now that me n' the Bald Man are back in town and have no trips planned for the rest of the month I get get back to sewing!!!!
I've actually been planting herbs too... and tomatoes! And ofcourse learning to prepare Raw dishes!

Check out me and sweet Bald Man at Zumi Sushi Restaurant in Atlanta.
See me below... all dressed up after the Sex and the City movie... yep.. Bald Man took me. I wanted to see it in Atlanta. The only thing I made here is my poodle purse... everything else is "labels" a.k.s. couture.... what could've been more appropriate for Sex and the City??

Now to get back to my own "label"!!!!