Friday, October 31, 2008

The Longest UFO Ever!!!!

To call me a slacker on this project... would be an understatement! When my son was about 3... which was 11 years ago I started this dress. All sewn up... 9 yds of Cotton Velveteen... but I had no stones or plumes to finish... So in the box it went.
A few years later and in another house I found the plumes for it... 40 wine and burgundy ostrich plumes!!..... but still no stones... in the box it stayed....

And now... in another house.... here it is, Pegee's Burgundy Dress pattern from Gone with the Wind... stones are on!!!
I hand set 144 ruby swarovski crystals in gold rims on this dress last week (my fingers were so sore!!!!) You can't see well in the pic but they are scattered all over the dress!

I now have the plumes all sewn on the shoulders and the bustle (we will take pics tomorrow!) ... but ran out before I got to the bottom!!! Crap! I will need atlest another 30 for just the bottom of this dress.... look at how long it is!!!

But I'm still going to wear it tomorrow night to a friends Halloween Party.... I also have 5 yds of wine colors tulle on the bustle and around the shoulders .... Just like pretty Scarlett O' Hara in the movie!!!

So basically... I'm declaring it done!!!! I feel like I've accomplished something here! lol!!!!

I better go...The trick or treaters are hitting the house!!!! Happy Halloween!!!!

Monday, October 27, 2008

What a Weekend!

I really had a fabulous weekend! First let me tell you about the Halloween Apron Swap me and my Mom did.... I had signed up to do one on Swap-bot but then mom suggested we just do our own.. to ensure we get a good swap! So yesterday was like getting Christmas presents! She made me a cute little half apron from a Mccalls pattern and I love it! Also in my package was Halloween plates, some goblets, a cute matching towel and some yarn! Thanks Mom!!!!!

I made her apron using the 4 Corners Apron pattern... which I love! Easy and super cute! She wouldn't model it for me so below I'm having to to do it!
She has always hated having her pic made! Taking her picture is the fastest way to make her dislike you!!!! lol!!
Also in her package I made a matching potholder, added a pair of a Halloween socks (I seriously LOVE holiday socks of any kind) and put it all in a draw string bag I made of bat fabric!!
So much fun!!
Below are some of the things the Barbie Knitting Machine has been making! Y'all know I love that thing!!!
Here's a pretty extra soft scarf!!!

This one below will be added to the neck line of a shirt....

And these are almost tube socks!!!! I honestly don't think I have one plain pair of socks!!

Friday me and My Bald Man went out to a local Hockey game (Go Ice Bears! ) then to Mirage to see Rachel belly dance (and take her the outfit I made her a month ago!!! If she didn't have 5 kids, which keeps her so busy she forgot to pick it up....I would have been mad at her!!! lol!)
We also met up with one of my favorite people... Nancy... and ofcourse had a hookah!

Here's me n' Nanc hanging out!!

You would think the night would be over after that... but NO!!! Then we went to Fairbanks for Latino night!!!!! Rach and Nancy met up with us there too.....
We had a blast.... danced and danced and danced!!!! Whew!
I had given Rach a cute lacy top that night with her outfit... so she wore that to Latino night...
now Rach is very pretty but I think that top might have seriously put the guys there into over drive... I thought she was going to have to beat the guys off with a stick.. or with my Bald Man or maybe with her black belt (Nancy is a Black Belt with serious butt kicking ability)
Bald Man suggested the next time someone asks her to dance she could reply...
"no thanks you.. but would u like to see pics of my 5 kids!!!" lololol!!! If she had of said that I would have fell out of my chair laughing!!!
Now back to work on the longest UFO ever!!!!!! I'll explain soon.....

Thursday, October 23, 2008

So busy sewing!

Simplicity 4020! I love this pattern and this is the second time I've made this version of it. I used some of the fabric I bought down in Panama with this one. Last time I made it up in a lovely gunmetal grey stretch velvet.. for a holiday look. I wanted a more casual top this time. I did lengthen the sleeves bit and raise the shoulders so it wouldn't be as low cut.
This pattern is super quick to go together!

This is New Look 6321.
I made two sets of these PJ's just alike... one for me and one for someone I can't name just in case they should look on my blog! I appliqued the heart using Steam a Seam then put a decorative stitch all around it. These are great PJ's and so comfy! So even though The Bald Man thinks I look 12 in these and laughs when I put them on I still love them!!!

Are you ready to see the cutest purse ever???? I mean EVER!!! Check out Indygo Junction Sweater Bags. Made using old wool sweaters, felted and cut up into cute recycled purses!
I love this pattern.. I think the canteen version is so different... and ofcourse felted purses are a fav for me.

But what makes this the cutest bag ever! is that I did a punch needle of a cat thats peeking out of a pocket... so I adding a little pocket on the front of the canteen purse and put my punch needle cat peeking out....

Its just to cute!! Plus I love the mixed elements of the felted wool and the punchneedle embroidery! Yes! I suppose I am a dork for thinking this is so cute but I can't help it!

Here's the back of the purse....

I used a pre made handle, added my tag on the side and added a lining with pockets on each side. The pattern doesn't have a lining but it was easy to add...

I think I've got more complements on this purse than any other purse I've ever made... and I've only carried it twice since I made it!

Of course if you don't like cats... you might not think this is cute at all!

I need to find a dog punch needle!!


Other news in sewing...

I have made my Bald Man a button up shirt!!!!!! It was a challenge! But he loves it so its worth it!

And I still have another shirt and dress to post! AND I am working on my longest UFO again which has been in the works for like over 10 yrs! Not because I'm so lazy about it but because its been hard to find just the right "stuff" for it... and I've been ultra picking... more on that later to!

I have to get all this sewing for myself in because after Halloween I have to do some actual sewing 'work' for someone else... which I also love! Just in a different way!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Burda Pants 7873 & One Piece Dress

This pair of pants was made using pattern 7873 from Burda.
They are part of the Burda Young Fashion collection. I have found that if I use Burda Young patterns for pants I don't have to adjust the crotch curve or crotch length at all !!!!
This was a very easy pattern... patch pockets, the zipper is easily put in because its meant to show....Instead of a fly or invisible. I added the back pocket flap to give my 'backside' more lift! An important thing!!!! Right!
I will make these again but instead of making them skinny pants like the pattern I will widen the legs.

One Piece Wearables is a fun book with lots of easy, fast projects. The halter dress and shrug on the right was made using patterns in this book... I don't really like this silhouette on me but its a comfortable dress for every day wear.

I also made a top from this book I will have to remember to get a pic of... its so cute... and kinda hot!

I have so many more things to post I've made lately!!!!! A dress, a purse and a top!
Ofcourse I've been working on Christmas presents too... and I can't post them!
I have so may projects to look forward to!!!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Costumes for R and S!

Finally!!! I have some pics of the costumes I made for these lovely dancers!!!!
First up I have the costume for Sonja that I completed last week!!! I used an unusual animal print of greens, lots of Swarovski crystals, beaded fringe and braided strips of fabric for trim. She looks awesome in it as you can see! I had to hand bead this one so it took awhile... but it was work the extra work!!!

The costume below I made last month... and Rachel still hasn't got me a really good pic of it!!!!But this works for now.... I used fabric she brought me, which is beautiful on her coloring! I added a gorgeous fabric I bought last year at Gail K's for accents, copper appliques, swarovski crystals and beaded fringe.

They look so good!!!! I'm so proud to see people wearing my work!!!

I have more pics of some of my personal sewing ventures!!! AND I've started my halloween costume!!!! yes!!! Its gonna be something!!!

Friday, October 10, 2008

Night out and new hair color.... again!

I have been sewing... ALOT!!!! Updates soon on all I've been working on... but mean while here's me and The Bald Man at National Dance Ballroom taking our first dance lesson last night!
We had a blast, as usual!!! I don't know if we can afford to take regular lessons right now... but it was fun to dance with my husband. He's a great swing/disco dancer!!!! We gotta work on that waltz though! yikes!!!
And check it out... dark hair!!! I love it! Now I have to find fake pony tail hair pieces to match it!! lol!!!

Been Tagged! Twice!!!

So I've been tagged by Faye and Kimbree !!! To name seven weird or unknown facts about me....

Lets see.....

1. I can't decide what hair color to be lol!!! Over the last year I've been red, red with blond, auburn, light blond and now dark brown.... I think I drive my hair stylist crazy!!! I've been like this for years!!!

2. I like cleaning stuff out and getting rid of stuff ..... But I hate everyday cleaning.

3. I am crazy happy and so proud that my son is musical!!!! He plays guitar, dulcimer and some piano, some banjo. He has even wrote some of his own music... not bad for 14!

4. I think its awesome that my Bald Man is half Panamanian!!! Awesome and hot!!!

5. I'm fascinated with polygamy.... every since that HBO series Big Love!!! I can't believe some women share their man, their kids AND their kitchen!!! Crazy!!!

6. I love sewing!!!!! Its such a passion... and I really love to see people wearing things I made them! I always feel so honored when someone hires me to make them something!

7. I owe it all to God! I truly believe without him I couldn't do anything! I think him for all my many blessings and skills!!

Now I'm supposed to name other bloggers to do the same.. but I'm just gonna say.. if you're reading this and feel like you want to share... go for it!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Thanks Faye!

Thanks to Faye for passing this award on to me... I've been so busy I almost forgot!!! So now I'm trying to get all caught up...
The rules for this award - prize are as follows:
1. Select 6 bloggers to whom you would like to give this award- prize .
2. Put the award - prize on your blog and indicate who gave it to you by identifying her/his blog;
3. Paste these rules on your blog;
4. Write 6 of your most important values and 6 negative points you condemn,
5. Inform the 6 recipients by leaving a comment on their blog.
Important Values
1. Goodness
2. Skill
3. Creativity
4. Loyalty
5. Faith
6. Truth
I don't want to think about negative things... so...
I want to pass this award to:
Theres really so many excellent blogs out there!

Cleaning out and staying busy

Now this is a hot mess... my fabric stash..... I spent 2 days last week re organizing my sewing rooms! Now they look fabulous! But it was hard work... my son even had to help me I did some much re arranging...

I spent 2 days on a pair of Burda pants.. pics coming soon...
And ofcourse working on other peoples stuff...
Planning for Christmas presents I'm going to make...
whew! I need a minute....
Oh! and I saw my hairstylist yesterday... new color chocolate brown!!! I'm so excited!!!