Saturday, November 29, 2008

BWOF Evening Outfit

I have made both of these patterns before. I love them! The shirt is from BWOF issue 3/08 and the pants from BWOF issue 7/03.
This is obviously an evening outfit... but I have made these patterns in more casual fabrics. The pants are especially versatile! I have made them in a plain jersey for yoga pants, a small plaid stretch knit for casual and so on....
I made the pants this time with this textured, stripped knit and I added an extra big flair at the bottom for a dresser look. The top is a stretch metallic fabric. It has the burnt out looking holes in it with a black netting.
Awesome fabric! The Bald Man has been waiting a year now for me to make something out of it... he picked it out for me while we were in Miami at Rex's fabrics. You do not want to know the cost per yd of this stuff!!! It took me so long to make something with it because I was afraid to cut it!!!

The last top I made with this pattern I used a separating zipper for the front closure. This time I used this hot and fabulous hook tape I got at the sewing expo in Atlanta last year. On this top I also lengthened the sleeves to my wrist because in the pattern the are a 3/4 length.

One thing I didn't think of when making this top is you can see the facing through the holes...
so I'm going to fix that... shouldn't be an issue.
And I should ALWAYS ware a nude bra with it instead of black cause you can see it thru the holes too!
Also I thought the choker was a bit to gothic so I'll be looseing it with this look .....
I plan to make so skinny pants to go with this shirt too!!! These are great easy versatile patterns! So if you have them make note of it!! I made this complete outfit in just a day and a half.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Thrifty shopping & McCalls 5384

Just sharing a little bit of my awesome thrift store and used book store finds!!! I also got some pretty nice lining fabrics and a nice knit at the thrift store ! I think bargain shopping is so much fun! I like the "hunt" I guess... makes the finding good stuff extra sweet! Check out ALL these patterns I got!!
McCall's 5384 is great! It was super easy... went together like a dream... I did take ALOT off the waist though... it was way too big and I felt like I was in a tent before I took the inches off. I will be making this again.
Its great with the Burda pants I made a couple of week a ago.

I'm rocking my boots with this outfit... I love boots.... and coats.... these 2 things are the ONLY 2 things I like about winter!

I have actually made 2 more things this week... and they turned out really great and I want to post them so bad! But they are Christmas presents for 2 people that follow my blog... (Bald Man and my Mom)... so it'll have to wait!
Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I have to say I have a ton to be thankful for! God has blessed me and I thank Him for all of it! An awesome husband, great parents, a healthy son and niece, a brother that I get along with now... my skills, my health.... and SO much more.... Praise God!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The Yoda Blazer... and a top that barely made it

Kwik Sew 3485
The first time I've ever made a blazer... and it was pretty easy! Not at all what I expected.... so I should be proud, right????

And I would be proud had my dear husband not asked me to make it with yoda Star Wars fabric!
I have wanted to make a blazer for awhile... and I really wanted to make one in fleece when I saw Kit's from Project Runway for the men's challenge they did! BUT.... not yoda fleece!!!

I mean... just look at it....

And he's so darn happy with it! I guess thats what matters....
and it goes with the yoda hoodie I made him last year and his yoda toboggan! See a pattern here???
From a construction stand point I am really proud of it and want to make him another one in normal fabric! My son has also asked for made of white linen.... to go with his Panama hat! lol!!
But really.. I'm just glad at 14 he's asking me to make him anything to wear! Y'all know how teenagers are sometimes!

Here's a top I made last year from this Silhouettes pattern... we'll just say it did NOT work out for me... the neckline was seriously jacked up looking on my chest... anyways I removed the neckline and saved the top....
but I thought it needed something around the neck.. it was so plain...
So I turned to the Barbie knitting machine once again which quickly knit up this beautiful red yarn for my neckline!
Oh... and I really need to make another pair of these jeans! I love these and I'm seriously going to wear them out!

On a non-sewing note The Bald Man's aunt Wilma turned 95 last week!!!! Her she is celebrating with her fav drink a Manhattan!! Whew! Thats a real drink!!! a real strong drink!!

Happy Birthday Wilma!!!!

Monday, November 17, 2008

New Machine!!! and getting organized!

Here's my new baby... The babylock cover stitch machine!!! It runs quite, sews like a dream... For those of you who follow my blog you know I have the Babylock Evolve which has cover stitch abilities.. but I have to convert it.. and I'm lazy. I sew ALOT of knits!! So with the money I made off of a couple of costumes I bought this! And its love!!!!
Adding a new machine means re-organizing my sewing rooms to make it work... so my stash got re organized too... check out how neat it looks now!!
Actually we're re organizing alot of the rooms in our house... here's the Bald Man in his new office! LOL!!! You can't even walk in there!

Also.. I joined the Sew Craft Blog! I'm in group three and looking forward to meeting new seamstresses and fiber artists!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Some of last weeks projects....

This is a cute shrug I'm working on for a lady... she's singing in a wedding and wanted a red velvet jacket/shrug to go over her black dress. I finished the shrug, but it looked so plain. So my little knitting machine whipped up this "trim" of yarn to go around the edges.
Gives the jacket that "something" extra!

So my mom has got me on the weaving band wagon! I went to her house Thurs day and she showed me how to use it... She now has one of those huge looms to work on... so she didn't mind me borrowing this one.

Its really fun! I didn't think I would like it when I first saw her weaving ... I was like "there's no buttons to push! its not electric! it'll take to much time!" But it weaves up fast and easy! The hardest, most time consuming part was warping it... its faster than knitting!! Well, faster than my knitting!
Below you can see I'm making a scarf... a U.T. scarf for the Bald Man... yes, the Vols suck this year, but the Bald Man is a loyal fan!

Though I still eat mostly raw foods... we do love our soups so cooking is in order... soups are the Bald Man's favorite food ever!
Here's a soup recipe I made up last week.. its creamy delish!
Almond Cream Tomato Soup

6 Large Ripe tomatoes/ quartered
1 red bell pepper/ chopped
1 large yellow/sweet onion/ diced
1/4 cup oil
3 TBLS citrus salt
1 tsb celery seeds
3 tbls basil
1 tbls white pepper
3/4 cup almond milk
Saute the onions in the oil for about 10 minutes. Add spices, tomatoes and bell pepper. Cook until soft. Puree' in the blender with almond milk

In other sew news... I have completed the blazer... the yoda blazer! Its hideous!!! But my man likes it... and it counts for a major Christmas present... esp. since I was so tortured making it!
Pics of it soon.. though it pains me to blog about it because its so ugly.... I am, however, proud that I made a Man's Blazer!!!! and it wasn't near as hard as I thought it would be!!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

More new outfits, more new embroidery!!!

Take one Cropped denim jacket from Goodwill.... add lace done on the embroidery machine...and

Instant cuteness...

I embroidered a lace cross and placed it on the pocket as well..
I love adding embroidered lace to clothes!!! Thats my favorite thing the embroidery machine does... LACE!

Here's another top from this fab New Look pattern!
This shirt is so easy to make.. and so cute!!The main fabric used came from Panama City, Panama,,, the lace from Wal Mart.
The skirt was made from a BWOF pattern.. very simple.. but I did add a lining...

I made a pair of pants to go with the shirt too... Pants pattern is a BWOF. The fabric used for the pants came from the fabulous Gail K's in ATL. Its a stretch flannel! Super comfy!!

The outfit below.... The skirt came from my mom's stash.. it was a circle skirt pattern panel.. and it just doesn't get much easier than that!

The top is a simple bias cut pattern from BWOF. Its a bit to tight in the bust area... the fabric is a crinkle poly blend with embroidery... I have enough to make another top.. which I will add atlest an inch to the bust next time!

Love, love this top!!! New Look has the cutest most simple top patterns for knits!!

Notice the blond hair.. this pic was taken about 2 months ago and I forgot to post about this pattern!

I also made the short sleeve version of this shirt in the peach black floral print pictured with the pattern.

I've been so busy working on building my wardrobe with more everyday clothes and more clothes I can wear to church!!

But today I started the craziest thing I think I've ever sewn.... The Bald Man wants a blazer... and not just any blazer.. a fleece blazer.... made with yoda fleece fabric.... lololol!!! I know... so stupid!!!

But if it makes the Bald Man happy.... its find with me... cause if he's happy with what I make him... he'll let me buy more machines, fabrics and patterns!!!!

Just so long as he doesn't wear the yoda blazer when I'm with him!


The Bald Man gets a shirt and a new purse on the way!

Here's just a couple of things I worked on last week....
All these little embroidered things will be washed to get the water soluble stabilizer out, joined together, lined and made into a purse... Sounds and looks crazy... yes... but the pic in this book proves it can be done and its beautiful!!!
This is really a great book with lots of ideals. Also has a CD of designs for the projects pictured and great instructions! I can't wait to get me "sassy handbag" all put together...

While the embroidery machine was busy with the above project... I was busy with the Bald Man's new shirt.

Pattern used: The Islander Shirt Pattern...

Ofcourse I had to add an embroidered cross to it!
I had never made a mens button up shirt before... and honestly its been along time since I've made a womens button up shirt! This pattern had super clear instructions! I really had no problems getting it together
The Bald Man is a pretty big man and its hard to find patterns to fit his wide shoulders! But Islander patterns are sized up to 4XL and very generous! Fitting wasn't a problem!

As you can see he's one happy man! He loves the clothes I make him... and I love making him clothes... making him clothes gives me a HUGE advantage when I want another machine or if I want to upgrade a machine!!! lol!!! Like I'm doing very soon!!!
I also made myself 2 new outfits and a bolero jacket for a client.... I'll post very soon!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Scarlett's Burgundy Dress

Here it is....

The dress itself wasn't hard to sew to together... the directions were very clear... if I remember correctly! As I said in a previous post.. I still needed more plumes for the bottom... but this worked! And I love it. I seriously felt very "glamorous" in this dress!!! Until about an hour later.. then I was hot and this dress is so heavy!!!! Then it was time to change!
I really think I might give the "curtain" dress a try someday!!

Halloween Bash! 2008

Most of our Halloween was celebrated on Saturday night. We were invited to a party at a friends house, Caryn, ... who went ALL out to see everyone was entertained and had a fabulous time. I wish I had got a pic of her and her hubby and some of her decorating (which was the most fabulous I've ever seen!) But with all the party action I guess I'm lucky we got took time to take these pics!
Ofcourse I did make sure to get plenty on pics of the Burgundy dress.. aka... the longest UFO!
To the left you can see me and The Bald Man... me in the dress!!! yay! I didn't really have much time to make the Bald Man a fab costume... I did make the shiny satin like vest he's wearing.

Below... My friend Nancy (a sexy pirate!) and her date..... Above... Cindy (a gypsy) and her date Mark....

Below ... Sonya (a lovely mermaid) and her husband , Chris (King Triton) I have to add, esp. since this is mostly a sewing blog that Chris made his own costume!!! Seriously! He sewed it all himself!

Below here, one of the many amusing activities at the party.... shadow dancing! to funny! Here's Sonja shadow dancing the "trout".... how appropriate for a "mermaid"

We stayed at the party quite awhile but then decided we should go show some "love" to our good friend Rach at the Mirage... who had to work/bellydance that night.

Here are some random pics from the Mirage "after party".... me all comfy and out of "the dress" smoking the hookah with King Triton in the back ground trying not to get lost in my smoke cloud!! lol!!!

Sonja with the king's beard on.... looking quit disturbing...

Teaching Chris to dance debka.. in costume... lol!!! They really are the cutest couple!!! Even out of costume!

Me and my Bald Man....... just so happy.... for so many reasons!