Tuesday, December 29, 2009

I have the best husband ever!

I was shocked to open this Christmas morning.... I mean... I wanted it... But was in no way expecting my husband to go buy it! The Babylock Sashiko machine!!!! Its expensive and I don't need it. But oh how I wanted it!! I had told the Bald Man I would wait till spring and maybe the price would come down during sewing expo time.. When they have lots of specials going... The Bald Man called my buddies at Sewing Machines etc. And they did give him a banging deal! I love those guys... And I really love my sweet husband... Always encouraging my sewing projects and skills.... Now back to playing with my new toy! Its so awesome!!

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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas!!!

Merry Christmas everyone! 
Praise God for Jesus Christ our Savior!!! The reason for the season!
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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Must make Another Costume

I'm so sorry to all those who check my blog...I have not had time for much internet time. I have been sewing and crocheting my little fingers to the bone! Not to mention ALL the baking I've been doing... I have a trip to post about, a major crochet project finished and many other small ones. Of course this time of year I can't post alot of the stuff I've made because there are presents.. So they have to be after Christmas posts!                           AND I started bellydancing at the Cairo cafe again one or two nights a month... On top of being booked to bellydance at holiday parties... Whew! Well here is a much needed costume... That I plan to have complete in a couple of days.. I really need it for a party this weekend!.. The fabric is amazingly glittery and needs no crystals or sequins... Just something for movement.... Back to work. I hope all of you out there are farther along with your Christmas stuff than me!

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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

MOT goal complete!

I have finished all 6 of the tops I wanted to complete for Faye's Month of Tops sew along!!!!! Go to the blog to see my tops.....Month Of Tops Blog

I have/am making 3 skirts to go with my MOT sew along challege to! I got like a whole little wardrobe outta this!!!

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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Yarn just for me!

Look how pretty! My mom hand spun this yarn for me! A wool\silk blend... Perfect color match for a lacey shawl or bolero to go with my long black dress! [the dress with the large flower appliques!] Thanks mom!

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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

ALL kinds of Projects!!!

I have been on the ball lately in the sewing room and working my crochet hook....
First to see the first 2 tops I made for the Month of Tops sew along click here: My TOPS

Now.... I took this pic last week. I actually fished it TODAY! I have never quilted before... not really.... which is kinda wrong since my mom is a quilter! But I've always been more into clothing and I would have never made this if it wasn't our project/class for Pfaff club at sewing Machine etc. here in Knoxville. You know what... I loved making it! It was fun! Relaxing, even!!
Here's a closer look at my sad quilting! But its good for a 1st timer!! I think..... lol!! We embellished the pumpkins using decorative stitches, couching, buttons, rhinestones... whatever! Lots of fun! I can't wait till our next class!
Purses... I was in much need of purses this year. As you know if you've been reading my blog for long I'm not a fan of making purses... but the purses I want to buy cost stupid money. So yeah, I make my purses!
The purse below is the L2 Bag by sewing workshop. Made from upholstery fabric I bought... somewhere ;-) embellished with beads and chains from jo anns.
I wanted a purse big enough for my laptop, a crochet project and all my other purse essentials.. this purse fit the bill.... perfect for traveling! plus I think its cute. Its full of all different sizes of pockets!!

This purse is Circle Bag from Square Rose. I was looking for this shape of bag after seeing a few Chanel bags from the Couture winter collection. Karl's bags were a bit bigger and made of faux fur (which I would like to do before winter is over!) they had a draw string appearance on the runway but without seeing up close and personal I have no clue if they were! But this pattern fit the shape I was looking for. Good pattern too!!

CROCHET! How I LOVE my crochet! Some nights I crochet until my hand hurts (which is a really really long time! ) and I still can't stop (Bald Man says theres something wrong with me...)

I finished this a couple of months ago... it was meant to be worn this summer.... on cool nights on a patio somewhere... It didn't quite make it. But next spring/summer.. it'll be ready!
This pattern is from the March 09 Interweave magazine but I changed it alot!

Now this is part of my fall/winter wardrobe! AND I made up this pattern!!! and I have no ideal what I did..... because I didn't write anything down..... but still I'm extremely happy with this! And though I hate cold weather I am looking forward to it being cold enough to wear this!!! Its really cute with a tank top or turtle neck

I've also finished 3 more tops for Month of Tops! Countless crocheted dish clothes and doilies!
I'm currently crocheting a scallop shawl from a vintage crochet book I won off ebay and hairpin lace (which I have no clue what its going to be but I love making it!)
In the sewing room I am still pondering the costume.... working on yet another top... which will have some embroidery on it, just not sure what embroidery yet! AND my Thanks Giving weekend outfit.... ok now... back to work!
You all have a BLESSED week!!!!

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Monday, November 9, 2009

Knocking it off dress

I feel in love with this Chanel look last spring.... so instead of making a Chanel jacket I decided to put that time toward knocking this off the best I could....
I am pleased with my results! Fabric from Miami's Rex Fabrics for the top..... and ofcourse fabric for the jacket and skirt... I found a close to perfect match at walmart! Of all places! Add so hip chain belts and here is my knock off! I made the skirt longer than the original.... and no collar on the little jacket... lower neckline on the top... and a bit longer on it too.... I have several other Chanel outfits I want to knock off too... soon as I can find similar fabrics for them! I had fun with this outfit and fun wearing it! Next V8489.... I bought this fabric on a trip to Panama City, Panama. This was an easy pattern and I will use it again in the future.
I added a personal touch to the dress but it didn't photograph at all... asymmetrical from shoulder across the waist and to bottom I hand beaded swarvoski crystal beads and black shell disk beads... nope can't see them at all... it took along time. It looks much better in person. I saw a dress with similar fabric and the hand beading ideal in an old Australian stitches magazine.

I'm working on lots of projects lately... tops, a quilted walk hanging, the belly dance costume...
Just finished a crocheted jacket!!!! and 2 tops!!!

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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Faye's month of tops sew-a-long

V8534 Making View C.. in lace and black knit. Never made this one before but it looks super simple.

S3634 Making the long sleeve view here...multi color stretch knit and I want to make it in a plain purple knit too. I've made this top countless times! I love it! Def one of my TNT patterns.

M5709 I loved making this top! I think it will be a nice dressy 'out to dinner top' in this dark pink and black knit with sparkles!

Faye over at Faye's sewing adventures (her site is listed on my blog roll) has a month of tops sew along going on! Inspired by her speed sewing of tops last November! I'm know I will not be able to make as many as she did but its sure put my butt in gear to sew up some much needed tops for the colder months to come. So far here are 3 of my future tops... Being cut out right now!! I love simple comfy knits tops for winter... Plus this should make a dent in my stash! (which is important because we're going to Atlanta for Thanksgiving and New Years... you know what that means.. Gail K's!!!)

I have 6 tops in all picked out to make this month plus 3 long simple full skirts to go with them... I'm in much need of long skirts also! More on that later! All of them are simple, most I've made before... so hopefully I can get it done.. atlest the tops!

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Monday, November 2, 2009

Catching up! V8353

As you all can see I've been messing around with my blog templete and such..... and lost my blog roll!!!! amoung other things!!! I'll get all put back together though... I think this templete is cute though... love purple!
I made and took pics of this dress about 2 months ago! I'm so far behind on blogging its ridiculous!!! But here is V8353. A simple yet time consuming dress... time consuming because all around the waist are pleats! And I mean ALL around! Made from a beautiful stretch woven, black with lilac polka dots (wal mart $3 yd!!!! and this is nice stuff!!!)... and the lining/contrast fabric is a lilac linen (from moms stash! Free!!! whoohoo!)
It completely opens in the front with buttons. I love full dress skirt like this.

To go with it... I made a necklace and a bracelet....using strips or a floral chiffon (wal mart) velvet and organza ribbon.... topped off with swarovski AB crystals and a cross charm on the necklace.

One of my 'goals' this year was to learn to paint on silk.... it was replaced with learn to make cool (trendy even!) jewelry! My jewelry wardrobe was getting kinda sad and old... I'm a lover of costume/trendy stuff... but the jewelry I was wanting was as expensive as if it had 'real' stones and precious metals.... so I've learned to make my own (yes knock off my own!!!lol!!!) jewelry.
Tip: If you've not been...Micheals Craft store makes it soooooo easy to make on trend jewelry check out their new beads section... Its amazing!!!
Halloween pics coming soon...
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Friday, October 30, 2009

Pictures for Caryn

My lovely friend Caryn is in Turkey for part of her vacation (lets take a moment to hate on her a bit) haha just kidding! Anyways she is a costume obsessed diva and asked to see a picture of my latest ... Which is no where near done! I still have to do the bead work around the stones, add all the fringe and a  few more things.... Love this tri colored fringe! And you can't tell in the pics but the swarovskis on this on this are truly bright and sparkle like the sun! Just sooooo much more work to be done!

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Friday, October 23, 2009

Trying this mobile thing

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Is this thing on?

YES!!!! It worked! I can mobile blog!! I feel pretty "trendy" right now!!! lol!! Anyways! This is a doily I'm working on... isn't it cute? I love doilies....

Finished Crochet Projects!!!

Long time no blog!!!! I know! I've been working on projects like a crazy person though! Just not been taking the time to photograph them like a good blogger should! I have completed 5 pieces of my 11 piece fall/winter wardrobe, completed a couple of dresses with jewelry, finished my Chanel knockoff (coming soon to this blog!) and finished some crochet projects...

I don't know what this shawl was called,,, its made from a mohair yarn (that was extra thin and very challenging to me!) I have been working on this since March.... now complete! I love it! That lacey effect of crochet just does it for me... I think its so beautiful!
Here is one of the summer crochet tops I finished. Its from a Crochet interweave magazine... made completely in the round.... yeah... summer tops completed in fall!! haha!!

And I have learned to crochet doilies!!!! I'm so excited about them!!! and will defiantly picture them soon... also I have been crocheting up a storm making these round dish clothes.. using a cotton yarn and many different colors. I think they are so fun to crochet and it only takes me about 45 min to do one... they'll make great Christmas presents too!

Okay... that was a quick update. I'm trying to get my new phone to mobile blog! I know that would help my blogging mojo! lol!!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Weekend in ATL

A couple of weekends ago we took a little much needed get away to ATL for a night out and a Falcons game.
I am so mad that I was holding my purse in front of the applique on my LBD (long black dress)!!! I finally get to wear it out for a night on the town! We had to much fun... this is the night before the game on Sunday. You'll remember in previous posts this applique took 4ever!!! for me to finish!
I felt very "pretty" in this dress. I didn't carry the super tiny matching purse but wish I did now... it wouldn't have been in the way! I LOVE going to NFL games!! (not into college fb though!) Normally I'm a Titans fan... but learning to love the Falcons since I already love ATL.... and I love the GA Dome! What a great place to see a game and not worry about ALL the rain we get!

Enter the FALCONS!!!!!!! The crowd was pretty fun (not like NHL games in ATL)... Titans fans are a bit more "lively" though!! lol!

It was SO MUCH FUN to be there ... I did get a kick out of the crowd booing the GA Tech band..... AND the guy that sat beside me booed the weather man! He also spilled beer, waved his Falcons flag and hit people in front of him... AND kept doing the 'dirty bird'!!! What a dork!! He was funny, but would have been more funny if he had been about 3 rows up from me and not right BY me!!

The View from our seats was awesome (thanks ebay!!!) and they were club level!!!!!

We stayed at the Omni hotel right by the dome!! We actually walked to the game it was so close... Here's the view from our room... ATL is pretty at night...

The Omni is attached to the CNN center... a pic from the glass elevator....

Another great reason to stay at the Omni... we wanted to bring our dogs! Hey, they needed a holiday too!!!

my babies had alot of fun walking all over the city. Pacster is such a city dog! He loves traveling!

Ok.... whens the next game???? lol!

Friday, September 11, 2009

New top & lots of projects!


Please forgive the blurriness of the photo below... My Bald Man is still having issues with the new camera...
This is Burda 7644 ... another great top!!!! I made view c with the extra straps.... nice touch and again very easy... whipped this up in no time at'all! Fabric: the main navy is a jersey from walmart and the contrast fabric is from Panama.

FINALLY! I'm getting around to this top! Which is the fabric for my mini fall wardrobe!!

I'll be making the view on the left and will be using 3 or 4 different laces that I am making on my embroidery machine with Pfaffs Endless Vintage Lace... its LOVELY! The ideal for the top came from Spring issue of Sew Stylish (I love that Mag!!!)

I am in the process of making a outfit like this Chanel look. I have the skirt and the jacket made... my fabric looks SO much like the original (go walmart! lol!!!!)

Speaking of inspiration....

Darling Dixie..... whos growing SO fast... yet not fast enough! I'm ready for her to be grown and calm down!! But really, she's SO smart... I may have already blogged this but I'm going to brag a bit more about my baby who's already create trained, house trained, sits, stays, down, even shakes hands and gives high five! lol!!! 4 months old now...leash training,, she does walk very well on it... for me and only if NO One else is around!! Her ears are standing beautifully...

My doberman tank.... inspired by Dixie! (Bald Man got the camera right this time!!)

Once again... walmart fabric... a nice ribbed knit. I dis stressed the front a bit. Stenciled a dobe outline.... stamped purple roses (my favorite rose color) and added some tiny crystals.... oh and stenciled 'I Bite' lol!!

I'm having fun, alot of fun with what I make lately!
AND, I finished another Panama fabric dress and I can't wait to wear it... "Bald Man take me to Dinner!!!"