Wednesday, January 28, 2009

What I'm working on & what I finished!

This top is actually done now and I love it! S3690 is a great pattern! Since it has princess seams the FBA was a breeze and it fits perfect! Which is very hard for me to accomplish with a woven top. I have a feeling princess seams are my new best friend.
I took a pic of the little tucks on the shirt... cute detail and not over whelming on my top heavy body!

I am now making the shorts, and I have the short vest cut out and the pants! I'm basically making this whole pattern... except the longer vest.
Getting my moneys worth on this pattern!

In the crochet world I'm working on this cover up top that was in this months Crochet! magazine. I have the front top half done!

And this wrap which was from yet another magazine from Sheila at Sheilazcrochetz. I have put those magazines to work! lol!
I need 38 of these and so far I have 18!

Another cross necklace I made... easy... remove some links on the chain.. add the crystal beads.. add cross!

This super easy shrug! Made completely from DC's. I made this in just 2 days!

And also finished this top... its S3634. I have made this top 5 times now... with and with out the crowl neckline... short and long sleeves. Great fitting basic knit top!

In conclusion.... I've been staying busy! And loving every minute of it!

Monday, January 26, 2009

My B-Day Present from Mom!

Happy Birthday to me!... well my birthday was last Wed. but I just got my B-day present from my mom on Sunday.. which was a crochet book and this beautiful quilt you see pictured to the left here!!!!
The pic is a little dark but the colors are really bright and just lovely in person.
I have a great mom! Its really awesome to get a hand made gift like this!!! Thanks again Mom!
Below is a skirt Mom gave to me that she got from goodwill.... it was plain black... not anymore!
I embroidered these gorgeous peacock feathers on it.
The crochet project below is now complete. Its a simple shrug. I wanted to try something that required me to shape neck and arms.... It turned out good! I need a pic of the completed item!! It only took 2 days to crochet the whole shrug!!!
I also finished 2 much needed basic tops today! I am starting an outfit tomorrow thats going to take awhile and working on 2 crochet projects that are going to take alot longer than my previous crochet stuff. More on them later!

I couldn't resist putting this pic of Be'Be' on here.... she looks so little and cute curled up like this!

Passing the Award along

Thank you SO much Faye , Becky and Jacqui for passing this award to me!
I would like to pass it to
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There really are so many bloggers out there in Blogland who inspire me and entertain me all at the same time!

Friday, January 23, 2009

Bald Man's new shirt, my new Jacket!

My Bald Man's new shirt is Kwik Sew 2561. And he loves it!!! This was so easy to sew! My review from PR is below...... Pattern Description: From the pattern:The Men's pull-over shirt has raglan sleeves. The View A short sleeve shirt has a patch pocket and a V-neckline with a self fabric neckband. The View B short sleeve shirt has a neckband and sleeve bands from ribbing. View A and B have sleeves from a contrast fabric. The View C long sleeve shirt has a neckband and cuffs from ribbing.

Pattern Sizing: I made him an XXL

Did it look like the photo/drawing on the pattern envelope once you were done sewing with it?Yes. I made View A

Were the instructions easy to follow?Super easy!

What did you particularly like or dislike about the pattern?Nothing at all to dislike

Fabric Used: Jersey and velvet

Pattern Alterations or any design changes you made:I left off the pocket and put an embroidery cross design in place of it.I also put a design on the sleeve

Would you sew it again? Would you recommend it to others?yes and yes!

Conclusion: A super easy shirt for that special man in your life! Easy to customize also! My DH loved this shirt and he'll be getting more for his 2009 wardrobe! Nothing like showing DH how I put my machines to use.. so he doesn't complain when I ask for 'another one'!

Here are some closer pics of the embroidery. I downloaded it for Embroidery Library... love that site!
He will most definitely get more of these shirts! Esp, since I'm trying to make him something every month!
My Crochet Jacket!!! The pattern is from Crochet! magazine, one Sheila sent me!

It was supposed to be longer but I usually like cropped jackets and wear them alot so I kept it short.
It was really easy. Its made up of 4 Lg. , 4 med and 4 small squares... crocheted together and trimmed with fun fur yarn... took me about 5 days I think... love it!!!

Here's a closer look!!!! ..... you'll have to excuse my enthusiasm... as I'm still in shock I can crochet...

And a little necklace I made. My jewelry wardrobe is in need of some new things and I love cross necklaces!!! And though I do not like stringing beads I kinda like working with chains and charms...
Not bad for the first time I've ever made something like this....

This was earlier this week.. yuk! Its warmer now though....
***** Update!****** I am done with Nancy's yellow costume!!! She'll be picking it up sometime next week and has agreed to 'model' it for me and my blog!
I finished my crochet leg warmers!!!! pic very soon!!!
I have 3 basic tops ready to sew... I am in bad need of cute basics!!
And I'm crocheting a cute tie front shrug! whew!
Thats not all... but its a start for the next week ;)

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

BWOF Dress 106

Here's my dress!!! and here's my review on
I don't post to many reviews on PR but I thought since I changed some things on this dress someone might get so helpful ideals from it. Pattern description : From the magazine:A simple, slim jersey dress in dark boardroom blue will become a fashion focal-point thanks to witty sleeve flounces.

Pattern sizing: I made a 38, added an extra inch to the bust and took an inch off the waist

Did it look like the photo/drawing on the pattern envelope once you were done sewing with it? Yes.

Were the instructions easy to follow? I didn't look at them...

What did you particularly like or dislike about the pattern?Nothing to dislike at all!

Fabric Used: A poly/knit I bought in Panama City, Panama.The lace I used in the sleeve panel is a stretch lace from Jo ann's

Pattern Alterations or any design changes you made: I added darts at the waist back to give more shape to the dress.I used a different fabric for the sleeve panel and added a simple tie belt out of that same fabric.Also , The usual for me and BWOF... add an inch on the bust, take an inch off the waist.

Would you sew it again? Would you recommend it to others?Yes and yes. This would be a good pattern if you've never sewn a BWOF.Give it a try!

Conclusion: This pattern has been made a few times and posted already but I wanted to show my version of it since I added some darts for shaping and because I used a different fabric in the sleeve panel above the flounce... here's a better pic of the sleeve

Snow Bunny Crochet Hat/Scarf !

DONE! I love it! I can't believe I actually crocheted it. And, I finished my jacket yesterday!

And I'm working on a cute pair of leg warmers and a wrap that will take forever, but will be worth it!
So hooked.....

Friday, January 16, 2009

Project Updates

My BWOF dress 106 is almost done!!! Just have to hem it! I had to add darts to the back.. I just don't like wearing dresses that are to shapeless. And I felt like it needed a belt so I made a lace tie belt... pics soon!!!
I also embroidered a beautiful skirt with peacock feathers! I think its very eye catching.. pics of that too soon!

~ For now .... while I freeze in this 21 degree weather I am crocheting this jacket below from Crochet! magazine... this magazine was one Sheila was sweet enough to send me when I was trying to figure this crochet thing out!
This easy jacket consists of 4 large squares, 4 medium and 4 small... assemble them then crochet the trim. I'm half way done with my squares!!! I'm making the jacket in black as you can see and I'm going to trim in black fur yarn.

To the left is my hat/scarf... I'm almost done with the second scarf side then I'll be trimming it in white fur yarn.... and the next time I have to go out in 21 degree weather this will be super nice to wear!

Below are some projects in recent magazines I bought.... I want to make these...

This months Quick Quilts has this easy but beautiful quilt that I hope to find time to make sometime. I've only made a lap quilt and that was many moons ago! lol!
I love these fabrics for a quilt! It would be perfect in my bedroom!

This months Quick Stuff to Sew has this super simple purse pattern.
I love these! Endless possibilities here!

I typically don't like spending alot of time making purses, though I have a few times, so this pattern is perfect for me.

And finally... could this be my LBD????
I actually have the pattern picked out for my LBD... but then
I saw this months Australian Stitches....
This is a special lace sewn together to make a fabric, ribbon
weaved in... pleated panels at the bottom.....
I'm in LOVE with this dress!!!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

BWOF 106 and some amusing things...

BWOF 106 from issue 1/09. A nice basic top with cute details of a panel and and sleeve flounce.
I made the usual size 38 and took it in an inch at the waist and added an inch at the bust.
It still pulls a tiny bit I can see in this pic at the bust... but it doesn't feel like its pulling at all while I'm wearing it.
The fabric I used is a cheap knit so I consider this a wearable muslin. I have the dress version of this pattern all cut out and ready to sew with some awesome fabric I bought down in Panama. Hopefully to be done by Sunday so I have a new dress for church!
I love patterns with small details like this one. If there are to many details on a top it usually looks like to much on me. Now... something that I was very amused by Monday night.... The Bald Man said he would take me yarn shopping. Even though I am still working on my hat/scarf combo (should be done soon!) I wanted to start a cute little jacket also... I like having 2 projects going at once! Anyways... I needed 6 skeins of Lion brand suede yarn... and ofcourse whatever else was on sale... (I have to have a yarn stash now too!)
Bless the Bald Man's heart!! He had no ideal yarn cost so much... or I would need so much for one project... his sweet dreams of me having a cheap hobby died right there at the cash register!LOL!

Also amusing to be is Joan Rivers new book! I like biographies so skimming the bio section at BAM I saw this!!!

I laughed... Bald Man laughed.... I later looked up the reviews on this book...
and well,,,, my, my people do get mad over people who have
plastic surgery... esp, when they have it and like it and talk about it!!!!
Anyways... I'm sure I'll pick this up at sometime.
I like reading about plastic surgery... it doesn't make me angry at all!!! Obviously! lol!!
Pic above was taken from

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Fabric, Crochet and a Costume!

Below is a Belly Dance costume I'm designing and sewing for a friend turned client, Nancy. At 9:00 am yesterday morning this was a dress that she brought me to turn into a costume.... by 11:00am... this is what I had.... After I cut the dress in half (the bottom half to be the skirt of course, excuse the wrinkles I didn't steam it yet) I took the top half of the dress, manipulated it, sewed it onto a bra... I left the halter beaded strap but cut out a criss cross strap on the back.. to be used for accessories. The gold part on the bra is tiny sequin flower appliques I added one by one... time consuming!!!
I've got even more done on it today but I'm at a stopping point until she gets over here so I can fit it! I have completed a choker, gauntlets, and arm band to go with it and added some beaded fringe to the bra.
By buying a clearanced out dress with so much fabric to use she's really going to save a lot of money on this costume!

In the world of Crochet... (my new found love) Here's a lovely scarf I completed!!

Close up of the lovely scarf... can you tell I'm really happy with this!!??

Working on my next project... one of those cute hats with the scarf attached... that will be trimmed in either fun fur yarn or feather yarn (if I can find some that doesn't cost to much!)
This was taken Sunday night... The Bald Man was making fun of me!!!
I have the hat complete now and one side of the scarf!

Everyone one needs a relative that sends them fabric, right?! Even though I've not seen my Great Aunt Mildred in years she sent me a LOAD of fabric through my mom who went to visit her a few weeks ago. There's some cool stuff here to play with thats for sure! Mostly knits!!!

Check it out! The 2 top right pieces are woven the rest knit!

The top row knits, bottom wovens.

The blue is a knit. The print a woven... I'm thinking a slouchy purse with it,,, maybe incorporate some macrame and make it real throw back! I do love macrame (wish I was better at it!)

Woven piece. I have enough here for a cute cropped spring jacket and skirt!

Woven piece that is screaming to be a handbag!

Thank you Aunt Mildred!!!!!

In between working on Nancy's costume, crocheting and playing with fabric I have managed to make BWOF 106 from 1/09. Yes! I love it and I'm now now making the dress version of it.
Pics very soon!!!!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

More pics from our Holiday Vacation

Above pic, me at Gail K's in Atlanta

We started off our trip in Atlanta for New years which I've already posted about... then it was down to Orlando for another 7 days... then we came back up to Atlanta for another night andmade a stop at Gail K's , which wasn't super fun because I only bought fabric for my son's blazer and a client
Anyways... below is a pic of Church Street in Orlando. A fun part of town that I never knew existed! Now here's a bad thing.... after dinner, and watching the half game (FL/OK game) at the fabulous and my new favorite restaurant, Ceviche, we wonder across the street to a sports bar... kinda.
The shoes were on the bar... for drinks????? eeewwwww!!!!

I am really not having a good time here.... at this point me n' the Bald Man realized we were in a gay sports bar!!! I didn't even really know there was such a thing... but we thought something was... different about the place... we knew there was something different when Tim Tebow was on TV giving his famous 'I'm sorry and we'll never loose another game' speech... and some guy yelled "take your pants off"... TIME TO GO!!!!!
No offense to anyone out there but this just wasn't the place for us to enjoy the game!

So we went back to Ceviche and finished watching the game there!!

Here we are at Ceviche enjoying the game... with out all the 'extra' comments yelled at the TV!

This pic below was taken in Atlanta. We were going to see the Bald Man's nephew at VIA, the restaurant he runs. I'm wearing one of my most favorite outfits I made last year!

Ofcourse in Orlando we found a Arabic restaurant with Hookah's! mmmm.... Double Apple!
My dessert without calories!

Below is a video from Ceviche.... after the game we went next door and watched this wonderful Spanish band!!! They were really good! Toward the end of this video a Spanish dancer performs a short dance... very pretty!!!

Next post will be on my FINISHED crochet scarf!, my next crochet project and a lovely gift my
great aunt sent me!
Tomorrow... back to work! I have several seamstress jobs I have to get started on!!!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

One goal down

On this long road trip to Orlando from TN.... I set my mind to learning how to crochet. I have been trying for months to "get it".... I even took a class, had a friend show me how... and nothing! But just look at me now!!! whoo!!!!
I'm so excited! I have wanted to crochet for a long time. I can knit alittle... but knitting takes forever and for some reason I don't like working with knitting needles. However I seriously love working with the hook! The Bald Man says I'm obsessed. He just doesn't understand how bad I have wanted to be able to do this and couldn't get it... now that I've got it...

Well, I have already made another large round dishcloth AND I'm half way done with a scarf...
using one of those awesome mesh stitches!!
To those of you out there who have already conquered this wonderful needle art please tell me your favorite crochet books, website and anything else that would be helpful for a beginner. You can email me or just comment. I would appreciate it so much!
I'll post my scarf asap!