Thursday, January 15, 2009

BWOF 106 and some amusing things...

BWOF 106 from issue 1/09. A nice basic top with cute details of a panel and and sleeve flounce.
I made the usual size 38 and took it in an inch at the waist and added an inch at the bust.
It still pulls a tiny bit I can see in this pic at the bust... but it doesn't feel like its pulling at all while I'm wearing it.
The fabric I used is a cheap knit so I consider this a wearable muslin. I have the dress version of this pattern all cut out and ready to sew with some awesome fabric I bought down in Panama. Hopefully to be done by Sunday so I have a new dress for church!
I love patterns with small details like this one. If there are to many details on a top it usually looks like to much on me. Now... something that I was very amused by Monday night.... The Bald Man said he would take me yarn shopping. Even though I am still working on my hat/scarf combo (should be done soon!) I wanted to start a cute little jacket also... I like having 2 projects going at once! Anyways... I needed 6 skeins of Lion brand suede yarn... and ofcourse whatever else was on sale... (I have to have a yarn stash now too!)
Bless the Bald Man's heart!! He had no ideal yarn cost so much... or I would need so much for one project... his sweet dreams of me having a cheap hobby died right there at the cash register!LOL!

Also amusing to be is Joan Rivers new book! I like biographies so skimming the bio section at BAM I saw this!!!

I laughed... Bald Man laughed.... I later looked up the reviews on this book...
and well,,,, my, my people do get mad over people who have
plastic surgery... esp, when they have it and like it and talk about it!!!!
Anyways... I'm sure I'll pick this up at sometime.
I like reading about plastic surgery... it doesn't make me angry at all!!! Obviously! lol!!
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