Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Fabric, Crochet and a Costume!

Below is a Belly Dance costume I'm designing and sewing for a friend turned client, Nancy. At 9:00 am yesterday morning this was a dress that she brought me to turn into a costume.... by 11:00am... this is what I had.... After I cut the dress in half (the bottom half to be the skirt of course, excuse the wrinkles I didn't steam it yet) I took the top half of the dress, manipulated it, sewed it onto a bra... I left the halter beaded strap but cut out a criss cross strap on the back.. to be used for accessories. The gold part on the bra is tiny sequin flower appliques I added one by one... time consuming!!!
I've got even more done on it today but I'm at a stopping point until she gets over here so I can fit it! I have completed a choker, gauntlets, and arm band to go with it and added some beaded fringe to the bra.
By buying a clearanced out dress with so much fabric to use she's really going to save a lot of money on this costume!

In the world of Crochet... (my new found love) Here's a lovely scarf I completed!!

Close up of the lovely scarf... can you tell I'm really happy with this!!??

Working on my next project... one of those cute hats with the scarf attached... that will be trimmed in either fun fur yarn or feather yarn (if I can find some that doesn't cost to much!)
This was taken Sunday night... The Bald Man was making fun of me!!!
I have the hat complete now and one side of the scarf!

Everyone one needs a relative that sends them fabric, right?! Even though I've not seen my Great Aunt Mildred in years she sent me a LOAD of fabric through my mom who went to visit her a few weeks ago. There's some cool stuff here to play with thats for sure! Mostly knits!!!

Check it out! The 2 top right pieces are woven the rest knit!

The top row knits, bottom wovens.

The blue is a knit. The print a woven... I'm thinking a slouchy purse with it,,, maybe incorporate some macrame and make it real throw back! I do love macrame (wish I was better at it!)

Woven piece. I have enough here for a cute cropped spring jacket and skirt!

Woven piece that is screaming to be a handbag!

Thank you Aunt Mildred!!!!!

In between working on Nancy's costume, crocheting and playing with fabric I have managed to make BWOF 106 from 1/09. Yes! I love it and I'm now now making the dress version of it.
Pics very soon!!!!


Sheila said...

You did a fantastic job on Nancy's outfit... She is going to love it.

Congrats! on your Crochet scarf, I like the variegated colors.

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Julia said...

How wonderful to get fabric from a loving aunt!! Julia

shawna said...

Ok... I tried to crochet while on bedrest and ended up wiith this itty bitty curled up "croched"thing that Brinley uses for her baby doll now. Great job!
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Linda said...

Wow, I would love to get fabric from an aunt!

Lisette M said...

I really like your scarf, isn't crochet fun?

Angelia said...

Thanks for all your comments!!!

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