Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Goals for 09... and trying to blog!

I have been trying to post for 2 days now! For some reason I've not been able to upload pics....
which frustrates me alot because I have a couple of pics I really want to post and talk about!

Oh well... sewing and are some of my Goals for the 09 year:

1. Make a LBD using new and couture techniques
Its sad that I don't have a LBD as much as me n' Bald Man go out!

2. Make a Chanel jacket.
I have wanted a Chanel jacket for years... looked in vintage stores, checked ebay, etc. hopeing someday to find one some what close to affordable! Not going to happen. After seeing so many fellow bloggers make their own I am inspired to make my own! I have the couture Vogue pattern for the jacket and have gathered much info so I can tackle this project. I even went in Saks and checked them out up close and made notes... what fabulous detail goes into those beauties!

3. Make a travel Wardrobe!!!! This is a goal I am really excited about. I have a couple of books on the subject and magazines articles... I am completely sick of packing for a trip... its such a pain sometimes it makes me want to stay home! And now that most planes only allow 1 bag per person! this is something I really need to do. The plan is to make as many garments as I can reversible and ofcourse cordinating, day and night looks... kind of a reversible SWAP. Made with fabrics that don't wrinkle. I think this goal will take more planning than anything!

4. Make 1 item a month for The Bald Man My husband loves the clothes I make him so much! and he is in need of some new clothing... so I want to really make an effort to make him more stuff this year.

5. Learn to paint silk. I really love fabric painting and want to do more of it this year...I can already paint denim and t shirts well so this hopefully won't be to hard!

6. Learn to crochet!
hmmmm...... more on this later!!

7. Make 1 charity item each month I feel so fortunate I sew and have such nice machines to sew on I think it would be good to make blankets for Project Linus or items for Sew comfortable. They wouldn't take much time, esp, the blankets!

8. Make 1 BWOF a month. This is left over from last year!

9. Make bound button holes. Another left over.....Why am I scared of these??? I will need them for my Chanel jacket!

10. Study the Bible more.... very important and I don't need to tell you why!

Ofcourse my ongoing goal is... to always get better and always be thankful !

Also.... my spell check button isn't working either! So please overlook all spelling errors!!! I am a terrible speller!


Sheila said...

You have a great line-up of sewing goals and some of them I also want to conquer.

Julia said...

I'm familiar with the Linus Project, but what is Sew Comfortable? You have lofty goals and I have no doubt you can meet them all. I need to make my list.

Julia said...

I'm familiar with the Linus Project, but what is Sew Comfortable? You have lofty goals and I have no doubt you can meet them all. I need to make my list.

Faye Lewis said...

I have so much confidence in you accomplishing your 2009 goals...does that sound crazy. I know you will do it!

Becky said...

Wow, that's quite the goal list! Can definitely relate to the Bible-reading one, and will be looking forward to seeing what crafty items pop up on here from the rest.

And that does make sense, about building the garment around the bra. It's just figuring out how to do that, since I've never done that before, and stability would be a huge extra challenge with the stretchy knit stuff. Don't want the fabric sagging and showing things I don't want shown!

Alexandra said...

Nice goals! I'm really looking forward to the travel wardrobe.

Lisa H. said...

You can do it! I think your goals are great.I looking forward to seeing the LBD and travel wardrobe.