Sunday, January 4, 2009

Pic Heavy New Years Eve in Atlanta!

Happy New Years everyone! My first post in 2009! Another fabulous year.... though the economy has been rough we still feel incredibly blessed and thankful to God!

Here I am below in my New Years ensemble.
The bustier is Burda 7982 View C... and I can't remember the pattern I used for the jacket... and I'm not home to go check. Sorry.
But anyways... my fabric creation turned out cute didn't it?? Its really cool to not only wear a jacket I made, but to have created/designed the fabric also!!! And it was fun!
Here's a better shot of the bustier.. I added the criss cross straps. I love this pattern and want more of these! The silver embroidered lace butterflies I made are a cute touch, I think. With the help of the class I took and the Bridal Couture book it turned out better than any one I've ever bought... and more comfortable!
Toasting in the New Year at Ibiza in Atlanta!!!

Here's our friends who celebrated with us... Sonja and Chris! We had a blast with these two!

Ibiza not only had a DJ playing arabic, latin and hip hop music... with a good dance floor. They also had belly dancers. I was surprised to see Aziza here below because I danced with her years ago at a restaurant called Casbah!

Just look at these party animals!!!! And they say I'm the 'wild' one! ha!

I have a video of a fire dancer we saw there to but can't figure out how to upload it!
Great way to bring in the new year! We are now in Orlando for the week.... where its warm and sunny!!! Wonderful change from Knoxville and Atlanta freezing cold and rainy!
I have found one fabric store I will be checking out tomorrow... lets hope its a good one!


Kembree said...

You and Sonja look gorgeous! Happy 2009!

Jackie said...

Beautiful bustier & jacket! Happy New Year!

angie.a said...

Wow, fun party!! Happy New Year!!

Linda said...

Wow, you all had fun! Nice bustier and jacket. Happy New Year!

Sheila said...

Happy New Year and you did a fantastic job on the bustier.

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Faye Lewis said...

Glad you had such a great time. Me and the sewing group was in Atlanta on New Year's day shopping for fabric.

Rose said...

Those are nice pictures - looks like everyone is having fun. I know you must be proud of the bustier and jacket - They look gorgeous and well made. You were in my "neck of the woods". I live 45 minutes outside of Orlando. Yes, the weather has been wonderful, but it's dreary and rainey today. You came at a good time!